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UPDATE: as of today (2/Feb/2023) this no longer works. Was nice while it lasted.

So i was looking at maintenance information on (where i usually keep my service history / get owners manual etc) and i noticed something interesting...
If you go to Vehicle Info > Maintenance Indicators, and click on your vehicle in the list below, and then click on "Maintenance Minder A, B" it will pull up the FSM...

It appears to be completely accessible and has torque specs, etc.

Maybe they allow us CR-Z owners to just have a FSM for free? Sure looks like it.

Product Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel

Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Number

Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Software

Font Rectangle Technology Number Screenshot

Not going to upload any pictures of the FSM other than what the link directly takes you to (what i assume is supposed to be public for maintenance minder information).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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