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Just got my CR-Z this week and love it!! I'm already missing my XM radio though. Has anyone installed an XM Snap in their CR-Z? I like the price and simplicity of it, I'm just wondering if it would work in a CR-Z since the power outlet is so far set back.

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i bought one for my tacoma - had XM in an earlier taco.

it's ok. reception was fine and blue LED display was nice.
it fit ok in the 06 taco power inlet. could adjust the display to
different angles/height/etc.

pressing remembered channel numbers would push it in - had to
be light handed.
power outlet was on top of the cup holders, so lost one.
was REALLY tight in the power outlet. first time i removed it - almost pulled the outlet out!
needed XM antenna and had to route to outside freont window (no biggy).

i have since took it out, since i wanted my cup holder space back.
(using my ipod more.)

all in all, does it's job and nice blue led display. small and flexible. still needs XM antenna.

btw, i will be willing to sell you the unit minus the antenna (i still have is on my taco and might get a stationary XM radio.

let me know.
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