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When I bought my Z, there were two things that I had to have to complete the package, XM Radio and an armrest. On Tuesday, I picked up my Z with these things installed.

The XM radio with the sound package is great. A lot better than in the Civic I used to drive. I had hoped that there were XM antenna connections in the shark fin on top of the car, but I guess not. There is a small antenna mounted to the upper right corner of the windshield (on the inside). It is barely noticeable, and the location does not seem to affect reception quality). The XM module interfaces with the radio/Nav screen exactly the same way it does if you purchase XM radio installed at the factory. Once installed, two new touch buttons appear along the top of the Nav screen for XM1 and XM2. The dealership did a great job installing it.

The armrest is a nice finishing touch though a bit pricey. But, I'm glad I got it. If you are thinking of getting an armrest, and you haven't purchased a CR-Z yet, talk to your dealer. I was able to get a little bit of a discount on the armrest when I purchased the XM Radio and armrest at the same time as buying the car. I mean, who is going to lose a sale over the full cost of an armrest?

The arm rest is similar to what is installed in the Insight. It is at a comfortable height and slides forward for additional lower arm support. The mounting seems sturdy enough being on a pedestal. There is a small storage area under the armrest when it is flipped up. And, I noticed that there is another small storage area at the base of the pedestal where the arm rest mounts to the center console.

I wish the arm rest had an audio connection jack inside the main storage area, as well as a 12-Volt receptacle. There is enough room in the storage area for both, and it would really help make the cost of the arm rest easier to justify.

I can't think of anything else to add to the Z at this time, but I'm always looking for new things.

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