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WTS: [SOLD] 2013 CR-Z EX 6MT (no NAV) - in PWP w/ extras - $8000 OBO (SoCal - LA County) new photos

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Looking to sell my 2013 CR-Z EX 6MT in PWP within the next 2 weeks. Entertaining all fair offers. [CORRECTION] 98K miles. Car is in Los Angeles County. Please PM if you wish to see in person.

Looking for $8000 OBO (including all mods, or $6000 with factory wheels w/o TPMS and shocks/springs).

Due to the time constraints, car will go to CARMAX or trade-in (incuding mods) if it's not gone in 2 weeks tops. Not parting out individual parts, no time.

You can find my build here (not much, basic bolt-ons)

Photos Here (will update folder as i take more)
(let me know if the link doesn't work for you)

Approx 95000 miles, and all maintenance always done at the dealership, except suspension work done at RS*R (set at recommended height and preload).

The short of it:
K&N drop in air-filter (not CAI)
K&N cabin filter
(both will be washed and prepped for new owner)
BRISK spark plugs (stock specs)
RS*R Sports-i coilovers - height and preload adjustable 32-way (see build for specs)
18x8.5 Enkei TS-9 - minor curbing on one or two wheels - straight, OEM TPMS (no codes)
WINMAX W2 brake pads F/R - great street pad with no sqeaking
New-ish battery, Honda OEM replaced less than 2 yrs ago under warranty

Will need (soon):
Tires < 30%
Clutch - due for replacement
Basic fluids, oil change (+ trans, brake, coolant recommended)

OEM extras:
Honda OEM window visors
Honda OEM illuminated door sills
Honda OEM front mask for 2013-2015 (opened, installed but never drove with it)
Original Factory wheels and suspension will be included with sale (wheels have about 60K miles, suspension only about 10000 miles) - both in good working condition before removing.

Exterior: 8/10
Drivetrain: 9/10 (needs a clutch, but otherwise mechanically great)
Suspension: 8/10 some general wear on boots and joints for a 95K mile car
Interior: 8.5/10 some minor wear, no rips, passenger door handle finish is cracking (not sure why)

all recall work done (airbag)
no cracks or large chips requiring repair on glass
rear hatch was repaired due to a slow rear end collision w/ a lifted truck (<3mph) i have footage of the accident
no frame damage or water damage - always a california car - garage kept but parked outside during the day at work w/ a windscreen sunshade
a couple minor door dings on passenger side
75% highway miles, never raced on drag or racetrack, or taken off-road, no burnouts or hooning in general
some slight fading but no yellow-ing of the headlights, does not affect light output but recommend to get polished and sealed sooner or later.
protective film on foglight lenses and front nose of the bumper installed since new.

current photos coming but it's essentially the same as the last few i posted. Will update if i missed anything.

PM for inquiry or post general questions below
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ah my bad, added location (Socal - LA County) to the title.

life happens. we're down a car and my car simply does not accommodate 2 adults, 1 child, and a dog. the car i'm looking at replacing it with is on the lot and expect to pick up in the coming 1-2 weeks. no space for a 3rd vehicle.
Good luck with sale @rayray -- and I hope you get the asking price--it's worth it!
thanks litz. and it is OBO, time permitting.

i drove and modified the car with full intent of keeping this car for 10 yrs plus. unfortunately it's just not practical to hold onto any longer, esp if we have a 2nd kid ?

gonna miss the instant torque off the line. it's real zippy car for 140 hp. the VW tiguan i'm about to pull the trigger on feels like a boat by comparison... all new turbo I4's have some sort of lag until boost hits. it's a shame that all people look for in a new car is how much peak hp and how many MPG's they can get....

a hybrid with a manual transmission is a unique experience that's pretty much non-existent in newer vehicles. from an engineering standpoint i really enjoyed how the hybrid system and manual trans all work together.
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thanks Colin, wouldn't mind having one if anyone else is curious. what do you need to run it?
i'll be snapping some current pics hopefully today. thanks
Would you mind posting some photos? None of the photos in the old build thread work for me anymore.

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photos added to first post, or click below (adding more as i take them)
updated photo album with interior. the car might go this weekend. if there's any forum members who want to take dibs i'm entertaining any best offers from forum members first before i let it go.
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Not to hijack but how did the RS-Rs hold up for you over the life of the car? I'm looking at maybe picking them up.

RS*R's are great, i really didn't like how much the car rolled with the stock suspension and wheels/tires. tons of adjustability but the suspension really shines on middle to harder settings. RS*R recommended settings feel pretty spot on as far as how i feel the car SHOULD have handled from Honda. i kept the height to recommendation and just tweaked the stiffness of the shocks. i re-used the OEM tops per the install recommendations (no pillowball mount) so the ride is as quite and smooth, just harder.
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answered any PM's i received, thanks guys

will updated with more photos soon
car is pending sale, will close thread once sale has been completed.
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