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Workshop manual!

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Hi community,

it's been a while since I sold my Z, but I keep receiving pms for the service manual. So I decided to drop here a link to my Google Drive, in case of need. Hope this will help many fellow owners ;)
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Still, a good price compared to how much the real stuff costs from Helm. It's one thing if you're buying the manual to make a living or run a shop from, but it's another when an owner just wants to find the wire color going to the name-your-accessory.

Although it is pretty great that Honda puts the owner's manuals online for us.
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Looks like the brakes section is not there. Thanks anyway.
Section 19-8, 19-9. Try Sumatra PDF reader. Least crap and overhead of all I've tried.

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What size is your download? Mine's 393,027, and all of it comes up fine. The second half of the manual is "X"d out on the title page, but it's in there- it's where I got the page numbers from. I got the manual download from these same links. I don't think there's a newer manual than '12, but luckily it doesn't seem to matter very much.
I owe you an apology Defiant.
Well, much appreciated, but hardly needed. I was a bombastic jerk, go figure.
I went back and opened the file and it was there. My computer was trying to open it with IE for some reason and it was not cooperating very well. You were correct and I printed the pages you recommended and I will tackle this brake thing this weekend.

Thanks for your help!!
I hope it works out for you, I know only too well how car frustrations put us on tilt.

Now, as Speedbump says, Windows just did an update (probably without asking, and while you were asleep) that, as usual, has effed up a number of things that it shouldn't have, including trying to herd me back to their stinking Edge browser. Argh, all around.
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