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2013 Honda CR-Z w/ HPD supercharger
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No such thing as a stupid question. If they still have the original wipers you can just swap out the rubber. It's way cheaper to do it that way compared to swapping the entire wiper out each time. Nonetheless most people I've seen do precisely that.

I can take some up close pics of my OE wipers when i get home for you to compare. New OEM blades (metal bit) are only like $16 USD last i checked.
I'll throw my hat in the ring on this.
Yes the rubber blade can be exchanged but they typically don't work well at all leaving streaks everywhere. I did this once and ended up replacing the whole blade instead.
As far as OEM blades go you might actually have to order them a few days in advance. None of the dealers I've been to have ever had them in stock and they had to come from California, even the parts guy I knew said I was the only person he has ever sold CR-Z wiper blades to.
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