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Will you get leather or cloth?

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I'm only gonna assume that leather will be an option. Are you guys gonna pick it up with the leather option or stick with cloth?

I've never had a car with leather so don't really know what to expect or know what is a good or bad leather in a car. One of my friends has leather in his Grand Prix and swears he will never buy leather again because he has so many rips and tears in it.
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Leather! If you take good care of it with cleaner/conditioner it stays nice for a long time.

I have to credit modern-day cloth seats though. Manufacturers are starting to use some really nice materials. If I didn't enjoy or have time to detail my car I would definitely choose cloth.
I used to use Meguiar's Gold Class since they make good wax and polish products, but I switched to Lexol products about a year ago and will be sticking with them forever as far as I can tell. The cleaner and conditioner are seperately applied, and the conditioner has a really natural almost leathery smell. Much better than a lot of products that leave your interior smelling ike chemicals or fruit, not to mention you can really tell it nourishes the seats. I am probably more picky than most because I have seen a lot of S2000's with worn bolsters after just a few years, and I don't want mine to look like that.
cloth for me, hopefully its like the same stuff used in the 06+ si very nice stuff there. maybe if there is a si they will have recaro designed seats again like the old 88-91 crx and civic si.
On my way back from Detroit. The cloth is really nice, kind of a checkered pattern and more durable of a material than the civic si has. Wasn't able to sit in it as they were both blocked off, but from looking I am impressed. Will try to post some pics tonight
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