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White CR-Z by Chester Ng

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He says the handling of this car is great. However, as a sport car, acceleration is slow.

I wonder what is the alignment spec for rear.
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i HOPE the car doesn't talk to me in english. (when it comes out in america)

omg if it did i would be SO pissed

im not saying have them talk in japanese. just... no talking please unless its in japanese
lol. I think the navi will talk to you in English for US model. I guess it's a similar system as Civic's navi.
No, I'm not. I live in Irvine, California. Although, I was born in Hong Kong.
then how come yuu have his customer's photos ?? lol im so confused
Because it is posted on that photographer's facebook page.
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no Honda in the US talks when you start it and i pray this one doesn't talk either... unless she has a personality... but every single time saying the same thing could get annoying...

great photos!!
well if it does, then there must be a way to swap it for the japanese voice ha ha ha........
Anyone know what it's saying when you start it up?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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