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Luna: Fastest L15 CR-Z Build

Third CR-Z. Hope this one really stands out. I plan to build this as a weekend warrior type car. I do now have a daily driver for getting to work so I can start doing more serious modifications to her.

Her name is Luna.

Before I get started on modification list, I want to give a huge thanks to Kami Speed, my local parts shop, for helping me source a vast majority of the parts for this build and for getting me the best prices possible. Wouldn't have done this without their help and encouragement.

Modification list:
Suspension, Chassis, Brakes & Wheels:
Buddy Club N+ Dampers, P/N BC02-NP10ZF1
Swift Springs Metric Springs, 7K 178mm/7" (Front) - P/N Z65-178-070
Swift Springs Metric Springs, 8K 152mm/6" (Rear) - P/N Z65-152-080
BackYard SPECIAL Rear Spring Perches - Part of Kit ZF1 ショック部分
Spoon Sports Front 25mm Sway Bar - P/N 51300-ZF1-000
Beatrush Front Member Support Bar - P/N S84206PB-FA
Beatrush Front Performance Bar - P/N S84206PB-F
Beatrush Rear Trunk Brace - P/N S84420PB-RT
Beatrush Front Pillowball Mount (Suspension Top Mount) - P/N S134403TM-FP
SSR Type C Wheels, 17x8.5 (Front) 17x7.5 (Rear)
BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2, [email protected] in front, [email protected] in rear.

Power Production:
Garrett GTX-2860R Turbobooster - P/N GTX2860R
TIAL 50mm BOV 6PSI - P/N Q.6
Hondata Flashpro
Gizzmo MS2 Boost Controller and Turbo Timer - Currently not working. :(
Injector Dynamics ID1000 Injectors - P/N 1000.
Flow Force FFC2 Adaptor Plug For Honda OBD2 to ID1000 - P/N FFC2
Garrett Intercooler Core (Custom piping)
Oil Cooler (Misc eBay)

[V3 Engine]:
L15 Block Sleeved by Dan Benson, +2mm Bore. -
Custom CP Pistons for L15 w/ +2mm Diameter, 9:1 CR - Job #311121
K1 Technologies L15 Connecting Rods - P/N K1T.015BY10149
Supertech 5.5mm Honda Exhaust Valve Seals - P/N SPT.VS-H5.5-E (x8)
Supertech 5.5mm Honda Intake Valve Seals - P/N SPT.VS-H5.5-I (x8)
Supertech Black Nitrided L15 Intake Valve - P/N SPT.HIVN-1050 (x8)
Supertech Inconel L15 Exhaust Valve - P/N SPT.HEVI-1050 (x8)
Supertech 5.5mm Valve Retainer/Locks - P/N SPT.PR-5.5/7A-LG (x32)
Cat Cams L15A7 Sport Camshaft - P/N 2503201
Upper PAC Spring Retainer for L15A - P/N 99446/S (x16)
Lower PAC Spring Retainer for L15A - P/N 99447/O (x16)
PAC Valve Springs - P/N S90013 (x16)
ARP L15 Main Stud Kit - P/N ARP.108-5401
ARP L15 Head Stud Kit - P/N ARP.208-4308

Other Drivetrain:
SPEC "Stage 2+" Clutch (awaiting installation when new engine goes in) - P/N SHZ153H
MFactory Honda (K/L-series) Limited Slip Differential - P/N MF-TRS-05K20
MFactory 40mm Honda Differential Bearings - P/N MF-TRS-DBB16
Project Kics Magnetic Oil Drain Plug For Honda - P/N WMAG2

C-West Front Bumper (2013 style with upgraded 2013 fog lights)
C-West Side Skirts
(Version 2 only) Miss Monochrome Itasha - @dekocar @motiveartworks
2013 Headlights with LED DRL Strip
Beatrush Aluminum Underpanel - P/N S542060
SEIBON Carbon Fiber "OEM Style" Hood, Color Matched

Wilwood Engineering RSX BBK (12.19" Rotor) 4-pot Brake Kit
Tanabe Revel VLS Boost Pressure Gauge 52mm - P/N
Tanabe Revel VLS Oil Pressure Gauge 52mm - P/N 1TR1AA004R
Tanebe Revel VLS Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge 52mm - P/N 1TR1AA005R
C-WEST Carbon Fiber 60mm Gauge Pod - P/N CRZCFPOD
ATI 52mm Adaptor Inserts for 60mm Pod - P/N 52/60-CONV-TRIO
ZOOM Engineering Monaco 203 Rear View Mirror - P/Ns 8850-203, 8457-G01
Factory Direct Blue Convex Mirrors w/ LED Turn Signals for ZF1 - P/N LM-HO27-A
Beatrush Red Front Tow Hook - P/N S104206TF-FSA
Buddy Club Seat Rails (Sliding) - P/Ns BC08-RSBSRZF1-R, BC08-RSBSRZF1-L
Corbeau Sportline RRS Seats - P/N 74901S
Luna Spec Custom Seat-Rail Adaptors
Eikosha Air Spencer Cartridge: A52 Lemon Squash - P/N 059052
Lecce D-shaped Steering Wheel w/ Grey Stitching - P/N HO-003-015
ZOOM Engineering A/C Vent Bottle Holder, Titanium - P/N 3064
Kansai Service Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud - P/N KXH001
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