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Luna: Fastest L15 CR-Z Build

Third CR-Z. Hope this one really stands out. I plan to build this as a weekend warrior type car. I do now have a daily driver for getting to work so I can start doing more serious modifications to her.

Her name is Luna.

Before I get started on modification list, I want to give a huge thanks to Kami Speed, my local parts shop, for helping me source a vast majority of the parts for this build and for getting me the best prices possible. Wouldn't have done this without their help and encouragement.

Modification list:
Suspension, Chassis, Brakes & Wheels:
Buddy Club N+ Dampers, P/N BC02-NP10ZF1
Swift Springs Metric Springs, 7K 178mm/7" (Front) - P/N Z65-178-070
Swift Springs Metric Springs, 8K 152mm/6" (Rear) - P/N Z65-152-080
BackYard SPECIAL Rear Spring Perches - Part of Kit ZF1 ショック部分
Spoon Sports Front 25mm Sway Bar - P/N 51300-ZF1-000
Beatrush Front Member Support Bar - P/N S84206PB-FA
Beatrush Front Performance Bar - P/N S84206PB-F
Beatrush Rear Trunk Brace - P/N S84420PB-RT
Beatrush Front Pillowball Mount (Suspension Top Mount) - P/N S134403TM-FP
SSR Type C Wheels, 17x8.5 (Front) 17x7.5 (Rear)
BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2, [email protected] in front, [email protected] in rear.

Power Production:
Garrett GTX-2860R Turbobooster - P/N GTX2860R
TIAL 50mm BOV 6PSI - P/N Q.6
Hondata Flashpro
Gizzmo MS2 Boost Controller and Turbo Timer - Currently not working. :(
Injector Dynamics ID1000 Injectors - P/N 1000.
Flow Force FFC2 Adaptor Plug For Honda OBD2 to ID1000 - P/N FFC2
Garrett Intercooler Core (Custom piping)
Oil Cooler (Misc eBay)

[V3 Engine]:
L15 Block Sleeved by Dan Benson, +2mm Bore. -
Custom CP Pistons for L15 w/ +2mm Diameter, 9:1 CR - Job #311121
K1 Technologies L15 Connecting Rods - P/N K1T.015BY10149
Supertech 5.5mm Honda Exhaust Valve Seals - P/N SPT.VS-H5.5-E (x8)
Supertech 5.5mm Honda Intake Valve Seals - P/N SPT.VS-H5.5-I (x8)
Supertech Black Nitrided L15 Intake Valve - P/N SPT.HIVN-1050 (x8)
Supertech Inconel L15 Exhaust Valve - P/N SPT.HEVI-1050 (x8)
Supertech 5.5mm Valve Retainer/Locks - P/N SPT.PR-5.5/7A-LG (x32)
Cat Cams L15A7 Sport Camshaft - P/N 2503201
Upper PAC Spring Retainer for L15A - P/N 99446/S (x16)
Lower PAC Spring Retainer for L15A - P/N 99447/O (x16)
PAC Valve Springs - P/N S90013 (x16)
ARP L15 Main Stud Kit - P/N ARP.108-5401
ARP L15 Head Stud Kit - P/N ARP.208-4308

Other Drivetrain:
SPEC "Stage 2+" Clutch (awaiting installation when new engine goes in) - P/N SHZ153H
MFactory Honda (K/L-series) Limited Slip Differential - P/N MF-TRS-05K20
MFactory 40mm Honda Differential Bearings - P/N MF-TRS-DBB16
Project Kics Magnetic Oil Drain Plug For Honda - P/N WMAG2

C-West Front Bumper (2013 style with upgraded 2013 fog lights)
C-West Side Skirts
(Version 2 only) Miss Monochrome Itasha - @dekocar @motiveartworks
2013 Headlights with LED DRL Strip
Beatrush Aluminum Underpanel - P/N S542060
SEIBON Carbon Fiber "OEM Style" Hood, Color Matched

Wilwood Engineering RSX BBK (12.19" Rotor) 4-pot Brake Kit
Tanabe Revel VLS Boost Pressure Gauge 52mm - P/N
Tanabe Revel VLS Oil Pressure Gauge 52mm - P/N 1TR1AA004R
Tanebe Revel VLS Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge 52mm - P/N 1TR1AA005R
C-WEST Carbon Fiber 60mm Gauge Pod - P/N CRZCFPOD
ATI 52mm Adaptor Inserts for 60mm Pod - P/N 52/60-CONV-TRIO
ZOOM Engineering Monaco 203 Rear View Mirror - P/Ns 8850-203, 8457-G01
Factory Direct Blue Convex Mirrors w/ LED Turn Signals for ZF1 - P/N LM-HO27-A
Beatrush Red Front Tow Hook - P/N S104206TF-FSA
Buddy Club Seat Rails (Sliding) - P/Ns BC08-RSBSRZF1-R, BC08-RSBSRZF1-L
Corbeau Sportline RRS Seats - P/N 74901S
Luna Spec Custom Seat-Rail Adaptors
Eikosha Air Spencer Cartridge: A52 Lemon Squash - P/N 059052
Lecce D-shaped Steering Wheel w/ Grey Stitching - P/N HO-003-015
ZOOM Engineering A/C Vent Bottle Holder, Titanium - P/N 3064
Kansai Service Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud - P/N KXH001
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Hi welcome to the forums! Please post pics thanks

I think this belongs in the new member introductions forum, Josh. ?
Yeah, white's a better color for the dragon next year...
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This better get a K swap, or the forum will be disappoint, sir
Sticking with boost, though I'll be modifying the setup further...

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But will it orange?
But will it orange?
I think he should dip it orange this time.
I think he should get Dodge Dart badges.
No orange. I'm doing something better.
No orange. I'm doing something better.

Like leaving it white.
Like leaving it white.
Lol. I've really grown to feel that the pearl white is my favorite color.
It will be left white, mostly.
Bump - this week's project. Yes, Romie, I bumped up the tire sizes. I'll camber in a bit more, though. LET'S HAVE SOME FUN.

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I don't care who has those wheels. I love them.
Great choice, dude! I miss my Blitz so much ;'(
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