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i'm still unsure about them...i dunno....i'm kinda leaning on selling them.seem kinda to busy for me after seeing them on the car..they are 18s however the tire size seems a little to big at 225/ seems like the tire sticks to far out and lowering it will make it rub like crazy...i should've gone 215/35 maybe...
To the OP.....first i will say, if you like the wheels.....keep on truckin....ya heard!

I mean no disrespect so please dont take this the wrong way. In my opinion,
not only do those wheels fail to compliment your cr-z. Those wheels fail to compliment
any car in the world. I've seen them in all different sizes and on all types of cars.
Never have I thought they were a good idea. In the end though, It's your call
and your money.....good luck :thumbsup:

I am waiting for the eibach coil overs to come out. I think they also have .8, I like eibach and have used their sport springs on other cars. I am thinking coil overs for my 1st time to balance out the weight for better handling. I really don't want to lower it at all.
eibach coilovers are out i believe.....corsportusa has them listed for sale on the site...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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