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Wheel size

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Does anyone know what kinda rim/tire size we can expect? Are we looking at a normal 15" or possible 17"? Maybe even 19"?!?...or maybe wishful thinking :lol:
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I'm running some 17x7 MB Weapons (re-badged ATECs) with 48 offset for a little wider stance. With 225/45ZR17 tires, it is sweet.

I thought about the 17x8 wheels, but was a little tighter than I liked.
Just looking doing a little research on some wheels. They are available in 17" 7"width with 43 and 52 offset. Will 52 be too much for the Z? I'm a bit concerned that the 43 offset will pull the wheels even further in then stock.
I am running 17x7 with 48 offset... and it is fine.
anyone running aggressive wheels yet?

i am shooting for 17x9+22 or +35

or some 16x9+15
No dude! Car has only been out almost a year.. you will be the first one! :rolleyes: :pP:

There are a lot of threads on wheel fitment... and yea, some of them are pretty aggressive. Just do a search on Fitment, or wheel, or offset.. you will find plenty.
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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