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Wheel size

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Does anyone know what kinda rim/tire size we can expect? Are we looking at a normal 15" or possible 17"? Maybe even 19"?!?...or maybe wishful thinking :lol:
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PDC: 5x114,3
Offset: 45 on all OEM wheels
Size: 6x16 and optional 6.5x17
Tires: 195/55R16 or 205/45R17
Tire brand: Bridgestone

This is EDM spec but I expect no difference to the USDM models.
Specs are in the PDF:
Model: Electra
Tires: 205/45R17 85H
rim size:17 x 6 1/2J LM
S/N:SZT 17065A
Middle hole (don't know what it's called):64
PDC: 114,3 / 5
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I'm male...

Did some photoshops a while ago. Size should fit 17''
Color is dark pewter metallic. :p

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