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ok so these basically bolt up on the subframe via the big main bolts...

on the subfram there are 4 bolts something like 6" in length (can't remember exact)... these bolts pass through a rubber bushing via a metal tube in the center and bolt directly to the frame of the vehicle...

my guess would be these "collars" help strengthen those rubber bushings on the subframe... if you can imagine a motor mount for a second... it had the same kind of rubber bushing with metal tube in the center... a big bolt holds that engine mount the frame of the car... if you stiffen those mounts, it helps reduce engine movement... but the downside is it makes the car feel more rigid/rough in terms of actually feeling the engine moving the car...

those collars would probably do the same thing as the engine mounts in terms of ride roughness... you would probably feel everything even more... personally i think it's unnecessary b/c the CR-Z isn't some 600hp monster...

basically what JnC said :spinning:
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