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What makes a CRZ Type R?

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So, I was wondering...

In light of the fact that a Type-R CRZ probably won't come to the US, if it's even made, I want to get some thoughts about what available parts would make the most accurate representation of what a Type R would look like.

I want to make a representation of what I think a Type R would look like.

I think that the outside would have the red Honda Type R "H", a Mugen body kit minus the wing, the C West wing. The wheels would be 18" Civic HFP wheels with the "H" painted red. Suspension would be Eibach Pro-Kit (1" drop, and my personal favorite). What details am I missing?

Now, the inside... What would make a CRZ look like a factory Type R? The standard red and black? A mugen shift knob?

All input/corrections are appreciated

Oh, and any suggestions about things that I like that need to be replaced.
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Maybe the JDP rear CF lip on the Hatch? Not sure what would be more appropriate for a Type R CRZ
If the CR-Z Type R uses a gasoline only engine then the battery pack slung out back is gone. I think this opens the possibility up for a different rear suspension setup, something more track oriented.
Eh, right now, the plans that I have are very mild, since it is my DD. But, some engine work is on the check list for sure. Hard to have a Type R that doesn't rev to the sky lol.

Oh, and getting rid of that battery pack will make it necessary to play around with weight distribution, esp since ideal is 50/50, and this is like 60/40
Maybe the JDP rear CF lip on the Hatch? Not sure what would be more appropriate for a Type R CRZ
nothing makes a type r but a type r! i hate when honda kits put type r badges on there car when its no. improve your car to your taste and leave it be what it is, if u want a type r, guess what? get a type r. they can release a type r and you can mod the crap out of your crz to the point will it will destroy a type r, but guess what? its still not a a type r, its a modified cr-z and theres nothing wrong with that.
The Type R is to my tastes. Not trying to emulate one straight out (perf and everything else), mostly just like the way they look.

And as for getting a Type R, I can't see Honda bringing a CRZ Type R to the states, considering this is more of a niche vehicle.
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