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West-end GTA lunch Sat Aug 23/14???

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Well, i might be in Vaughan next Saturday morning, if all goes well (my plans seldom do, though). Around the Colossus theatres.

Anyone up for a quick bite and gab somewhere close to the highway between there and points west? Maybe 12:30-ish, but we could work that out as time draws nearer.
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Great, INGEN, we'll figure out details later in the week.
Maybe a Kelsey's or something quick and simple, if that's OK, as I have to rush back to London to look after my horses once my business is complete. I can take a 1/2 hour out, but not hours. I'm OK with a sausage trailer in a Canadian Tire parking lot, too. It's you and your cars that I want to see, not food!

Hey Canadian, sounds great man, even a nice double/double from Tims would do.
Well, INGEN and Blackaneseman, if you guys know the area and realize that I have to go back Westward from vicinity of 400/407, where do you suggest is a good place to meet up - what's convenient to you and not too far off my path? I avoid the GTA whenever possible, so I don't have any suggestions.
Well, since we are all too polite, as Canadians, to suggest where to meet, I'm going to propose two options:

There is a Canadian Tire with a big parking lot at Hwy 7 west of 400.
There is an IKEA with some lovely little commercial lanes around it, just across the 400.
And on my way back, I could stop at the Kelsey's in Milton.

IKEA would be my personal choice, but I'm only going to stop there if someone contacts me here or by PM. Probably between 12 and 12:30.

Hope to meet someone there. I HATE doing it by myself. :blushing: :)
Great meeting you, INGEN.
Nice car you have, and looking forward to seeing your plans unfold.
Good luck!
Did you guys take any photos? Post them. :)
Did you guys take any photos? Post them. :)
It was such a dreary day, pictures wouldn't do the cars justice.
Plus, mine had 150 miles of highway sludge on it (drizzled most of the way there).

I can tell you that INGEN's car is sweet. Those wheels are monster. He did the lit sill, which looks really good on a black car even in the daytime. And I hadn't seen a 2014 grill in person before. There is a little blue chrome strip across the top that is really eye-catching. Just wait until he gets the goodies he has planned. Then, that is going to be an even more awesome ride! :hi5:
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