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My lady and I decided to head to SF for a couple beer events we read about. We really didn't keep our plans, even a little bit. We both work today (Valentine's), so we wanted to do something early.
I really wanted to take a crack at the twisties on Highway 1, and she just likes going places, so win-win.

• Left home (in Sacramento) at 2AM, went to Monterey. Watched the sunrise on a hill in the Monterey Presidio. (185 miles)
• Walked around Monterey, got breakfast, went down Highway 1 an hour to Big Sir. Walked around. (43 miles)
• Followed Highway 1 up to Santa Cruz for lunch (81 miles)
• From Santa Cruz, we kept up 1 to Montara Lighthouse near/in Moss Beach (60 miles)
• Continued north, over the Golden Gate to Novato (40 miles) to catch HWY 37 east past Infineon.
•*37 turns into 80, and we took it through Sacramento, and had dinner in Folsom (98 miles)
• And from Folsom back home (30 more miles) around 9PM

About 537 miles before factoring in detours or cruising around town. It was nice. The car was a champ. Did all this on about 14 gallons of fuel, so roughly 38MPG overall. Cannot argue with that.

Coming from a VW background, I seriously expected it to either not start, or do something stupid this morning... as long trips would have this effect on my previous two VWs (as much as I loved one of them). Nothing weird happened, and it's refreshing. Nothing inexplicably broke! :spinning:

Just though I'd share. At least I have a couple pictures.

About 20 minutes south of Carmel on HWY 1. Both pictures on the same turnout.

Fort Point (SF, obviously)

Not too shabby.
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