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Weathertech Mats

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Just got the confirmation today...MacNeil Automotive (maker of Weathertech Accessories) has started production of the DigitalFit Floor Liners for the CR-Z.

Here is the link.

WeatherTech Automotive Accessories - FloorLiner

Just ordered mine!


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Darn, I missed the thread and bought the Honda mats. The surface of the Honda mats are showing scratches and I'm not impressed with the thickness of the mats. Also, dirt gets pasted the edge of the mats and ends up under them. I wanted the Weathertech because I have them in my SI.
im definitely gonna get these before next winter starts. so if there's a GB im in.
I just called Weathertech and as of today, April 28th , the saleslady said the cargo tray is still about 9 weeks out from availability. Early July, most likely unless there are delays.
What a minute, I just read a thread about these not fitting, but it sure looks like they fit well. Was the complaint about the locks not fitting?

If someone that has these, can reply about it fitting well or not so well please let me know! And thanks! If they fit well I'm probably going to make a purchase on my next paycheck.
I love them...I may be in for a group buy but just for the floor mats dont know about the rest.
Look twice at the weather tech floor liners. They do not anchor to the floor using the OEM anchors or their own. Mine easily slide forward and distort because they are not anchored. I am usually a BIG weathertech fan but they dropped the ball on these. I have sent two emails about what looks to me to be an obvious design. They have not sent a reply as of yet. It's been a week so next is a phone call.

I cant find any other issue with the product which is typical for weathertech. They make great stuff but without anchors they become a $117 safety hazzard.
Definitely interested in a group buy, including floor and cargo mats, assuming the group can extend North of the border. Willing to retire my modified Wally-World mats for something that looks that good. Thanks for the pix!
I just got mine in, and installed them. They definitely don't anchor down like what BAMAQ stated. But I don't seem to have the issue that he was having with them moving about. I set the old stock locks to horizontal, and tried to move them back and forth, they give maybe half inch, and then don't move anymore. I'll let you all know if anything crazy happens.
Do these install on top of the OEM floor mats or do I have to take out the mats and then install them?

These look very nice, but I am on the borderline =/ $100+ for rubber lol.
Guess you could leave the OEM's in, but not designed for that. These are molded and designed to be stand alone.. But, the locks as depicted are not functional.. I do not have them, but even if molded, without locks, you are going to inevitably get some movement with them...
Ahh okay, thanks scotty! I think I'll stick with my old rubber mats and the oem floor mats then, $100+ for new rubber isn't necessary especially for a college student lol.
I've had mine for over a month...very good so far. Like what Goliakaei said, I do notice a little movement, but definitely not it enough to become a hazard while driving.
Guess you could leave the OEM's in, but not designed for that. These are molded and designed to be stand alone.. But, the locks as depicted are not functional.. I do not have them, but even if molded, without locks, you are going to inevitably get some movement with them...
I have my liner on the floor of the car, and then the oem on top of them, since they don't lock into the floor anymore, they actually slide alot - especially since I drive manual. I had to take out the OEM mat and just have the liner on the driver side only. Left the driver side with the mat on top.
They are great!!! My parents have them in there cars:) And great to clean:)
Make sure to tell them you'd like the free drink coasters if they stll have them. I picked up my license plate frames and covers from MacNeils retail office, and the young woman gave me 10 of these little bags with a mini catalog and two rubber drink coaster that look like floor matts, inclusing the ribbing. Very cool.
I gave one to all the car dweebs at work, and I was popular, for 10 minutes.
I contacted Weathertech in Canada this week - still looking at six weeks out for their cargo area liner. The reply was:

"The Cargo Liner is still in the production stages. I had hoped it would
be available by now but it looks as though at the end of August. I
thank you for the inquiry and hope that you can continue to wait. There
have been so many new vehicles this year and so many re-tooled parts
that the engineering department has been working 24 hours a day it
These are outstanding mats...they are made of a hard plastic-like material that offers "absolute interior protection"...they are easy to clean and really protect your investment. I've had them in every vehicle I have owned and when I saw they didn't offer them for the CRZ, I immediately emailed the company. Here's the DIY/How-to & full review:

Step one:
Receive package from Company ⇊

Step two:
Remove contents from package ⇊

Step three:
Remove plastic from DigitalFit FloorLiners ⇊

Step four...pretty crucial step:
Remove old floor mats!! ⇊

Step five:
Place DigitalFit FloorLiners in to their cozy new home ⇊

Now enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

Bonus Pic! ⇊

Mats are pretty much a perfect fit. They obviously go in pretty easily and super fast. I'm pretty bummed though that the Liners don't use the factory anchors!(it's molded to just simply cover them up) I'm sure I'll probably come up with something to make that work. I'm going to email the company and gripe about that for sure. They do cover the foot-well very completely from the seat all the way to the edge of the carpet and up the sides to protect most of the carpeting there. The mats are a little on the pricey-side, but in my opinion, they are well worth the cost. When you look at older cars, the people before you always seem to bury their heels into the cursed floorboard and now you have to use their posture to drive! (I hate that)

I hope this was helpful and at least a little fun to read! Regards

Thank you for the info - This was great as I also always order them when I get a new car...

Two quick Questions - Are These Black (I assume) or the Grey?

Will they also fit a 2012 or has something changed ?

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