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Weathertech Mats

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Just got the confirmation today...MacNeil Automotive (maker of Weathertech Accessories) has started production of the DigitalFit Floor Liners for the CR-Z.

Here is the link.

WeatherTech Automotive Accessories - FloorLiner

Just ordered mine!


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These are outstanding mats...they are made of a hard plastic-like material that offers "absolute interior protection"...they are easy to clean and really protect your investment. I've had them in every vehicle I have owned and when I saw they didn't offer them for the CRZ, I immediately emailed the company. Here's the DIY/How-to & full review:

Step one:
Receive package from Company ⇊

Step two:
Remove contents from package ⇊

Step three:
Remove plastic from DigitalFit FloorLiners ⇊

Step four...pretty crucial step:
Remove old floor mats!! ⇊

Step five:
Place DigitalFit FloorLiners in to their cozy new home ⇊

Now enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

Bonus Pic! ⇊

Mats are pretty much a perfect fit. They obviously go in pretty easily and super fast. I'm pretty bummed though that the Liners don't use the factory anchors!(it's molded to just simply cover them up) I'm sure I'll probably come up with something to make that work. I'm going to email the company and gripe about that for sure. They do cover the foot-well very completely from the seat all the way to the edge of the carpet and up the sides to protect most of the carpeting there. The mats are a little on the pricey-side, but in my opinion, they are well worth the cost. When you look at older cars, the people before you always seem to bury their heels into the cursed floorboard and now you have to use their posture to drive! (I hate that)

I hope this was helpful and at least a little fun to read! Regards
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I checked that site but they got no pic with the mat in CRZ, i wanted to get one if the mat fully covered the footrest area (water/snow flow follow the footrest to the carpet):p
I'll post pics as soon as I get the mats installed. The ones I had for my last few vehicles, the mats covered all the carpet in the area your feet would normally go.
when are they going to make door visors. I want them but dont want to pay 200.
I'll send another email, because I really want them to make the cargo mat also.
Since your doing all the contacting what about trying to get them to give us a group buy. Vent visor, front mats and cargo! :beer:
Will do.
Got my floorliners in today. Installed them quick before I came to work. They fit very well.

Also, I got in touch with a sales rep, once they make some window visors and a cargo liner I'll try to square us away with a group buy. PM me if you have any interest in the group buy and I'll send out updates as they come.

Again...PICS POSTED! :hi5:
Weathertech makes awesome stuff. I recommend their products. But I still think I like the overall fit and finish of factory.
That's how I used to be, until I got my 82 Deville and it had destroyed carpet in the footwell...the Brougham mat on the floor was worn through straight through to bare metal! I'm sure it doesn't get like that with normal wear and tear, but better safe than angry.
JohnnyChimpo, many thanks for posting this. I've had problems with the Honda all-weather mats and have been waiting for WheatherTech to come out with a set. Looking at your pictures is helpful. I wish they would have made the sides either lower or much higher (e.g., so as to slip under the console) because as they are made the transition from floor to console is not very visually appealing. Nonetheless, I may spring for them anyway. Again, thanks for posting!
woot :hi5:
Just an update, I called Benny @ MacNeil...he said that the Window Deflectors "Visors" are in the final approval process and should be out within the next month. Also, the Cargo Mat will probably take about 9 weeks. I am still going to assemble a group buy when all is said and done.
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