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Weathertech Mats

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Just got the confirmation today...MacNeil Automotive (maker of Weathertech Accessories) has started production of the DigitalFit Floor Liners for the CR-Z.

Here is the link.

WeatherTech Automotive Accessories - FloorLiner

Just ordered mine!


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when are they going to make door visors. I want them but dont want to pay 200.
Whats wrong with the honda ones? I have them and they work fine?
I think judging by the first post and the pics of the original mats, they don't have the optional Honda all weather mats.

Here's a pic. Forgive the dirt. Been raining here for quite a while.
Ah. I get it. I have the all weather mats from Honda. They are great so far.
1 - 3 of 67 Posts
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