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Can anyone distinguish the location of the water pump for me?
Any updated walkthroughs?
Pictures appreciated.

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I don't have any pictures off-hand, but I can give you a general view by description...
part# 19200-RBJ-003
(I'd take a pic of my own 2013 but it may just confuse you, since I have an extra pulley for my supercharger.)

Pump is belt-driven, and so, is located on the right hand side of the engine bay, where you see the drive belt on the side of the engine.
To remove the water pump, you'll need to remove the left-front wheel and the splash shield, to expose the pulleys on the right side of the engine. One pulley is for the A/C compressor (lowest, front-most pulley) and a larger pulley for the crankshaft (rear-most pulley.) Between the two is the water pump and pulley (the smaller pulley above that is the tensioner pulley.)

Loosen the three little water pump pulley bolts first, then remove the drive belt by moving the tensioner and slip the belt off its pulley. (Might want to get a new/replacement belt at this time too.) part# 19230-RBJ-003

Drain the coolant (bottom left side of the radiator for the drain plug location.)

Remove the five bolts securing the water pump.
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