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2010 Honda CR-Z Sport Black
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2013 6sp manual 135,000 miles.
I have a knocking coming from my transmission. The noise is relevant to the wheel soeed (not engine speed). At hwy speeds, it sounds like a heatsheild rattle. Verry fast pace, vibration noise. When slowing to a stop, the noise changes with the wheel speed. At around 20mph and slower, the noise slows enough that it make a very distinct knock. I get no sound change or new sounds when turning the wheels while moving. So its not axles. At first, i thought it was a rod knock. But then i noticed that the sound did not go away when in neutral or with the clutch in. Then i jacked up the left front and spun the wheel in neutral. I could hear a clicking noise coming from the transmission, and could barely feel something every time it clicked if i was touching the trasmissiin housing with my hand. I cant find anything on the internet talking about this issue. Driving wise, no issues at all. Any ideas anyone?
A friend had this exact issue a few weeks ago. We thought it was CV joint but later discovered it was inside the gearbox. Bearings in gearbox needed replaced. It's perfect now,
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