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Let's start with my crz has extensive modifications to the suspension and handling.

  • Coilovers
  • Sway bars
  • Moonface Front Rollcenter Adjuster Arms
Good tyres

And while it corners well I wasn't happy with engine flex. Now in my 87 Crx I run FULL RACE tractions bars.

But I always wondered what would be the CRZ equivalent.
I soon discovered videos like these.

As I got researching more n more Hasport has a cool billet mount for the CRZ.

At first I wasn't sure if this would even work for our cars.
I guess the most common question is how much vibration is there. It's noticeable but not a feeling you would hate as long it's the lowest urathane choice of 62A!!
I can't stress that enough.

My real test is a lite 2k rpm launch in the rain cause it's happened before with the touchy aftermarket DBW throttle control on Race mode . (sensitive.)
And to my surprise it doesn't bounce and hop as much as what stock is.

And unlike the many times before if my friends drive the crz. Stalling the car cause they can't tell if the car is on , off or autostop.
This is a great way to connect the driver with L series engine under the hood.

Would I recommend it yes I would. If you want much more feel with your crz.

The upgrade of the two side mounts is not needed IMO.

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Those mounts are cool, I wonder what would happen in a crash though? That bottom 'dog bone' transmission mount completely snapped / ripped the bottom off the trans on my car when i ran into a telephone pole. I think that if it didn't.. the engine and or trans might have pushed into the cabin. Not sure really, but, I'm glad it DID snap!!

Just a heads up. Makes me wonder.. not sure I would ever want to find out the answer to that question.

I walked away with 0 injuries, but, if it was a solid metal mount like this, it really makes me wonder what would have happened. Definitely more cabin damage no doubt..
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