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Toronto Auto Show - Anyone Going?

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CIAS 2015

Feb 13-22, 2015

I always make plans to go, and then life gets in the way.
This year there might be a better draw for me, but still not sure.

If anyone is going, care to share when you might attend?
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So, typical Canadian apathy???
Hey Canadian, hows it going. You plan on heading down ? I'd be interested in going if your free on the weekend, either Friday afternoon or the Sunday would work.

i tend to go to the Montreal one cus it's closer from Ottawa.

never actually been to the Toronto one.
Going to take a morning off work and check it out this week.
I've got train tickets for Sunday 15th - will be there from 1:30 until 5 or so.
But I won't have internet access to try to find anyone. Sorry, but I did not see the activity on this thread this week.

You will probably find me drooling over the Alfa 4C a lot. Look for security ejecting someone who keeps trying to lick it!

Seriously, I'll wear my IVEY balll cap (as in the business school), so if you happen to run into anyone with one, my name is Kevin. Don't be shy!
Show was incredible - for the non agoraphobic.
Holy crap, there were a lot of people there yesterday. I have no idea how many, because there are two buildings and about 8 levels, but I was figuring that at any given moment there had to be at least 1,200 people on escallators, and twice that number queueing to get onto an escallator! Probably 80-100K people. At $20+ each, and with the show running for 9 days, plus having big-spending auto makers paying for display space, it's got to be quite the little money maker!

I'll post pictures later, when my wife is off the desktop (iPads suck for this), but I can tell you that they had a 2015 HPD CR-Z there (with supercharger), and the salesperson advised that the kit will become available north of the border later this year. He was more cagey as to wheher nor not the parts would be sold separately, or just dealer installed. Hard to read anything into that, as pretty much every salesman on the floor was so incrediby full of s__t. They must go into some sort of super-car-salesman-trance for car shows!
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Alfieri Concept (great display, but tucked into a corner of the basement with some other exotics as part of the Maserati / Ferrari of Ontario booth)

458 Spider

California T (say this with a Schwarzeneger accent :) )

Lamborghini Huracan

Pagani Huyara (how DO you spell that???)
This was one of the real reasons I went to the show

La (another major draw for me


love the jewel headlights

4c coupe and spider

Yup, that's a Kia

("GT4 Slider", or something like that)
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Ford GT (which is going to be made in Markham, just north of Toronto)

Mercedes-Maybach S600


Lexus RC-F

Same, in race suit

Toyota FT-1 Concept

Maserati Gran Tourismo

Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Concept

One of a pair of very hot and sexy Lotus Evora S twins.
I was tempted to take both of them home for a good time, but I'm just not as young as I used to be! :)

Subaru Concept CUV

Honda's Urban CUV, now called HR-V, ready for market later in 2015

R-8 Spider

BAPUT (Badd Ass Pick Up Truck) - just for my wife!
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More NSX

Another McLaren

Yeah, that Pagani has an all-CF body, and it is drop-dead gorgeous!!!!

Gratuitous shot of Toronto's ever-changing skyline:
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A few more photos, because I uploaded them anyway…

New 2015 Jeep Renegade. This one is made in Italy, so I wonder if it won't contribute to other FCA models some day.

More of the Alfieri.

McLaren stretching its wings

Porsche was well represented.

Jag F-Type Convertible

More of the Evora S sisters:

Challenger R/T (they had a Hellcat as well - meh to look at as they are all so similar in appearance, probably a blast to drive)

(not a huge fan of the retro look, especially in bizarre colours, so I didn't waste many photos on these)
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