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Tokyo Motor Show 2009 Honda CRZ Pictures

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Newly released pictures from the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 of the Honda CRZ

Images found at AutoBlog
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I'm in love with the front end. Love the look of the headlights and just the overall stance of the front of the car. First thing that comes to mind is that this is not a hybrid, which I think is great!!!!
Agree, the front, which wasn't changed that much from the concept, looks exceptional. :drool:

Wish I could say the same about the rear... I mean, with the exception of the bottom part (near exhaust area), the rest looks like every other "sporty" car out there. Nothing special but in these pictures it looks better than in the previous ones I have seen.

The first pictures of the 2009 prototype kind of made it look a little more stocky, less dynamic. However these seem to restore some of that edge but I worry it is the wide lens.
Looking good Honda!! Not many, if anything I would change on it anymore for production.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I'm proud to say I will still be one of the first to purchase this car. Looks amazing.

Those rims are to die for! Doesn't quite look like gun metal and they don't look black - not sure what you classify them as. They better be a factory option!!
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I agree, those rims look killer on the white car. Even a black CRZ with full tint and those rims would be a top seller.
Amazing how that car has next to no wheel gap whatsoever. Does this mean that Honda will throw on different wheels and then jack up the car some or will they leave it at this height level (which I hope they do, save me on lowering the car)?
I am sure the production will have smaller wheels on it, all concepts do the big wheel game.
Which really is too bad, but I guess it keeps production and retail costs down.

I hope they don't jack up the car.....I really like the ride height how it is now.
I dont mind the wheels changing as that is a easy fix if you dont like them. I would much rather have it ship with 14s or 15s and keep some other options. It's not like the stock wheels will be very good and will need to be replaced soon anyways.
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