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This is Honda CR-Z Advertising

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This is Honda CR-Z Advertising

When we think of car advertising, we definitely think of sexy women, but we don’t usually go so far as to think of lingerie, body paint and clearly erect nipples on a public street in broad daylight. That’s the stuff of beer commercials. But, this is part of Honda’s CR-Z European advertising campaign called “Live Every Litre.” Judging from the picture above (follow the jump below for the picture spoke about), we hope Honda plans to market the CR-Z squarely at creepy, leering old men.

I guess the idea here is that CR-Z owners are fun and whimsical and live life to the fullest. In this particular case, “Agent Lynch,” a self-proclaimed burlesque dancer from London wanted to perform a “guerilla” burlesque show on the streets of Monmartre in Paris. We can’t imagine you’d get away with such a performance much of anywhere else.

Try hard to think “CR-Z” when you’re staring at the video and images below.

Follow the jump for the pictures and video (NSFW): This is Honda CR-Z Advertising (with Video)
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Video has been removed due to terms of use violation.. haha.
That is the best pic of the CRX that I have ever seen.
It helps that blue is my favorite color.
Honda rolls out new spot for CR-Z sports hybrid - Autos News - Brand Republic

The new TV spot for the CR-Z.

I really wanted to like it, but I can't. Whats really annoying is that it shows highway driving for the Sport mode, which I doubt anyone will want to do. They obviously think people are too dumb to understand sports mode and just showed the car getting faster for each clip.

Also the CR-Z has a beautiful front end, but they only show the back.
Why wouldnt anyone want to drive the car in sport mode on the highway?
Why wouldnt anyone want to drive the car in sport mode on the highway?
Well highway driving (motorway over here) to me is all about 6th gear and moving between 70-90mph gradually, and lots of cruise control use (with either econ or normal mode). Sport mode is for nippy town driving, or twisty B road cruising.

Just my opinion obviously, I know some people do everything in sport mode.
Idd, highway = eco.. because its "always" straight and at the same speed
Thread revival!!! Saw a Honda advertisement and the CRZ was included.

Was able to take a picture.

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Saw that last night...I yelled to the wife 'my car is on tv!!!' :)
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