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So I promised I would compile a list and post the prices on what it took me to K-Swap my vehicle. The numbers are solely taken on what it took me from tear down to start up. There are some gaps that do not involve the swap directly and are inputted out of my own interest.

I'd like to start off that this swap was something I never expected, and if I was asked if I do it again, I would say NO. This was my first major car project and I was way over my head. I tried to do the swap mainly myself but it became too much very quickly. There were a lot of trial and errors during the swap, which you see multiple parts that may be the same.

The items listed in bold red are mainly the most essential items.

Without further or due... The list!

Parts Cost List
Motor/Tranny: $3,000 (K24A2 Longblock / K20Z3 Transmission)
Hasport Mounts: $548
Header: $270
HR Tuck Fuel Rail: $112
HR Tuck Fuel Lines: $187.50
HR Oil Cap: $56
HR RSX Short Shifter: $304
HR Fuel Pressure Gauge: $32
HR Shift cables: $350
HR A/C and PS delete kit: $335
Hybrid Racing shipping/processing fee: $90
RBC Intake Manifold: $190
K20 Wire Harness: $120
All-In-Fab Radiator/shroud/fans: $555
06-11 Civic Si ECU: $119.96
07 TL Throttle Body: $80
Shaft shop Axles: $760
Removed Hybrid system: $100
Clutch hardline altered: $20
Hondata Intake manifold gasket: $50
TSX Starter: $105
Valve cover gasket: $70
Pick up sensor: $63.40
K-Tuned swivel Thermostat adapter: $170
K-Tuned Upper filler neck adapter: $180
K-Tuned Oil dip stick – $82.49
Hondata Flashpro: $690
Water Pump housing: $120
K24 A/C compressor: $149
Water Pump Gasket: $7.03
Fuel Injectors: $75
Spark plugs: $69.92
1 qt syncromesh: $15.73
Oil: $66.48
Oil Filter: $22.73
Coolant: $38.46
1qt Honda Manual transmission fluid: $8.24
EP3 Tensioner: $70.00
Tubing for Fabricated Header: $145.13
Invidia N1 exhaust: $500
Password JDM Hood Risers: $28
Password JDM CF Coil Pack Cover : $100
Spoon Radiator Cap: $40.00
Nardi Steering Wheel: $287.00
Blox Magnegtic Oil & Transmission plug: $19.85
NRG Quick lock Wheel Hub: $120
NRG Short Steering Wheel Hub: $89.00
NRG Quick Release Steering Wheel: $159.00
6 FT Braided -16 hoses: $37.14
Aerocatch Flush Hood Pins w/ Lock: $132.65
TSX Alternator: $100
WeatherTech Floor Mats: $127.95
Wire-Worx Tucked Harness: $800.00
16AN Fittings: $120.00
Battery Relocation: $400.00
RCPC Valve Cover Powder Coated: $40.00
RCPC Oil Pan Powder Coated: $60.00
DC Sport Race Header: $400.00
Another ECU w/ VIN: $111.46
2 FT Braided -8AN hose: $22.39
Transportation from FL to CA: $1,650
ODB shop fees: $1,550
RCPC Rims refinished: $975
CRZ OEM Engine Harness: $275.40
Chassis Harness and Center Console Harness: $846.57
08 Civic SI Harness and mods: $671.93
Civic MAF: $30
Civic Knock Sensor: $11
Reprogram Attempt 1: $86.40
Reprogram Attempt 2: $89.44
Sportcar Motion Initial Shop Estimate: $2,039.44
Sportcar Motion Jan 23, 15(Shop fees/misc items): $1,100
Sportcar Motion Jan 19, 15(Alternator): $160
Sportcar Motion Jan 16, 15(O2 Sensors): $180
Sportcar Motion Mar 31, 15(Fuel Injectors): $350
Sportcar Motion Mar 31, 15(Shop fees): $500
Sportcar Motion Mar 31, 15(Map Sensor): $120
Sportcar Motion Apr 3, 15(Oil Pump Check): $600
Tune: $450
Total cost so far: $24,807.69

I went with a lot of major brand items that increased the bill. I would also like to add, go with a harness that Hasport makes for the CRZ swap. It would be a lot easier and cheaper. Then when you have the vehicle running, you can tuck it. I made the mistake of buying a tuck harness just to find out it will not work :(
Sportcar Motion thankfully was able to get my car running, but afterwards they ended up screwing me over.(Why my vehicle is no longer in their hands)

Here is some further information from Brian at Hasport:

Using the K24A2 harness is the hard way of doing this conversion. A better choice is to use an 06 Civic harness, it is 90 percent correct and requires less modification to get the job done. So converting the 06 harness entails adding some of the CRZ plugs to the harness so it correctly interfaces with the car. Those are

adding the charge wire for the alter connection to the battery
a connector for ignition coils
the connector for the starter power
replacing one of the plugs C101 (Civic Si) with C124 (CRZ)
Adding wiring for the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor.

All these modifications are done when You buy a Hasport conversion harness for $499.
Next there is some rewiring that needs to be done to the ECU A plug. Mostly this involves eliminating the hill start assist mechanism and bringing a power wire into the engine harness through the C124 plug. These second set of modification need to be done in the car even if we build the conversion harness. I've attached a copy of the instruction we include with our harness regarding the A plug changes.

If you have a shop that is doing this conversion the electrical information needed for the CRZ and Civic Si harnesses can be accessed on-line through With this info you can determine what needs to be changed. A two day pass is about $10 and the information can be printed so you can keep it for future reference.

As my last entry, I also have a CNC mock up of what the RSX Hybrid Racing Short shifter is mounted too. This was done by a buddy Justin back in Jacksonville, FL

If you need help or assistance, please let me know and I will help out as best as possible.


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Holy f#ck 24K?!?!?! That's a # load of cheese!! Wtf do you do for a living sell coke?? Lol jk seriously tho I can't imagine spending that much on a car that's just insane number to me...then again i only make 50k a year :/

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If you do it right the first time and get the necessary things, instead top brand stuff, I'm sure you can do this build for like 12k+

By the way, I am in the Military. All the money spent was over 2 years and I also received a good chunk of change with Ocala Gran Prix.
Ahhh i see over 2 years that number is a bit easier to swallow but it's still a lot of cash. So your sponsored then?

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Are you happy with it now, though??

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Hey if you are happy, thats all that matters.

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Fantastic information, and as you said, you can definitely cut the cost down with doing other parts, but this is a recipe for an amazing car with fantastic parts top to bottom.

Very excited to see your car still T-BOT, sorry I wasn't able to hit you up on my trip up north as I was stricken on time. Maybe we should set up a photoshoot of it or something soon.


1,342 Posts apologies needed thanks for posting up...

I'm definitely interested I. Do good this swap but want to maintain A/C. N power steering and an automatic trans. Idk if that's even possible haven't researched... Is it?

5,363 Posts apologies needed thanks for posting up...

I'm definitely interested I. Do good this swap but want to maintain A/C. N power steering and an automatic trans. Idk if that's even possible haven't researched... Is it?
The RSX Base came with an auto trans, so you can most likely make it work, but can't guarantee how well it'd hold up on anything but a bone stock k20.

and no apology needed TBOT! You did work!!!!

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I highlighted and items in red that seem most ideal for the swap. The rest is more preference and really is a case by case deal depending on the deal you get with the motor. I was missing a long of components, so I had to basically buy everything else.

By the way, the swap maintained the power steering and you can keep the A/C too. I believe though with A/C you might have to cut into the core support to clear the belt path.

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He has a lot of stuff not even related to the K-Swap listed, it wouldn't be this expensive.
Yes Corey is right if you want more info talk to reedkrz on Instagram he did it himself in his garage because he bought all the proper hasport parts. hes been drinving it swapped for a year now. it can be done for 10k if done correctly and not by a shop
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