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Hey All,

I've been lurking on this forum, as a guest, for a little while and thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to introduce myself.

I was getting the oil changed on my '00 Civic Si, my daily, last weekend and had a chance to check out a brand new CR-Z; I really liked the car from what I was able to see.

Next year I'll own my '07 STi outright and have been looking in to a replacement daily, the CR-Z seems to a solid choice.

I'm hoping to get a chance to drive one soon; anyways here's some photos of my past and current project cars, comments are welcomed.



First Project Car: '00 Civic Si w/ ITR shortblock, Toda, Carbing, Mugen, etc...

Second Project Car: '05 BMW 330Ci ZHP w/boost, BBS, Brembo, HKS, Vortsteiner, Technik, etc...

Current Project: '07 Subaru STi w/ ARC, Tomei, Ohlins, Advan, AiM, Voltex, etc...


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You have some great build there! Quality parts, what are the power numbers on all three?
Thank you, I appreciate it! It's a lot of work to do it right, but it's worth it!

'00 Civic Si - est. 220+ (Crank)
'05 BMW 330Ci ZHP - 356 (rwhp)
'07 Subaru STi - 300 (awhp) / 330 (awtq) Only 3,450 miles on the car, very
gentle tune on the car for now. I'm waiting for a new turbo to come in. Even
then my power goals aren't insane, maybe 350awhp / 375 awtq @2,900lbs.

cleeeeaaaaan. where at in cali? hit me up for socal meet info 213 271 8722

FIRST CRZ on N+'s in America =)
Thank you, I'm in Orange County; where and when are the meets?!

Hello and welcome...:hi5: Great looking rides...:thumbsup:
Thank you, I appreciate it!!
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