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Starting this thread since a few people are prodding me to put one up. So here we go!!!

I have a 2012 CBP 6MT EX w/ Navi CR-Z. I traded in my 2011 CVT CBP base Z for the one I currently have. Funny, I traded it in shortly after I won October CotM on November 22nd, 2011.

What I traded in:

I stole the blue interior blue LED's from my old car as well as the T1R side mirrors to my newer car.

Shortly afterwards, I bought yellow fog bulbs and yellow tint to put over the glass. I was trying to save it since I heard so many Z's foglights cracked because of FOD

My first major mod, from what I remember, was AMR coilovers. I traded RicoMagic my stock for his suspension because his wife didn't like the ride of the car.

My next step was a lil more bling in the car and under the hood. I purchased a few items from Tony at Basis Sport Tuning. The following items were: NRG CF Hood Dampers, PWDJDM Oil Cap, PWDJDM bling bolts, PWDJDM battery tie down, JDP 2x2 CF spoiler, Basis blue radiator brackets, Spoon Radiator cap, and Custom Clazzio seat covers(Black leather with double diamond blue stitching in the center.) Also removed the rear wiper and replaced with a plasti dip black sink hole cover.

Some time after I threw a lot of little things, I manage to pick up Basis RSB, Basis 2nd cat delete, PWDJDM blue shift knob, and a damage Seibon CF hood from Kamispeed. I took that damage hood and had it repaired and custom painted to match the rest my car.

The next big mod that changed the whole outlook of my car was the rims. I picked up a pair of CCW LM20's gloss black lip and double blue powdercoated wheels. The specs of them are 17x9 3in lip +44 offset in the front and 17x9.5 3.5in lip +44 offset in the rear. They are covered with stretched Falken FK435 215/40/R17 rubbers. This was by far the most expensive mod but also major change to my vehicle.
The Stance:

Good shot of the hood:

Me visit Chicago and chilling with the Z gang

Frontal nudity

Few months after I had my wheels, I finally received my Kansai Radiator shroud. I was one of the many that was in the group buy with Kamispeed. It wasn't that hard to complete this mod and brought some detail to the engine bay. More months past by and it been a while since I did anything to my car, I was itching for something new. So I plasti dip black the rear diffuser as well boarders around the rear lights. I also picked up a Tanabe Concept G exhaust and threw it on. Thanks to the classified section because I manage to get it at a good price in excellent condition.


Few things have come in. Just installed the Buddy Club Short Shifter and a new Cabin Filter. Also had the EGR valve mount painted. No more rust colour!

Woke up early to put my Black Label Fabrication Cold Air Intake in. This surely was a project, but in the long run it made up for all my effort. I had the piping color match my rims. I had the people who powder coated my rims paint my CAI for that specific reason. This is the outcome!!!!

Took a road trip down to Miami to pick up some parts from FortuneRox. I picked up 2 Mugen Bucket Seats, 2 Takata 5 point Harness, Fortune custom Harness bar, and JDM Back seats.

Following that weekend, I made time to go out to a buddies place and have the JDM back seats and Harness bar installed.

The next day, I installed the Mugen bucket seats and Harness.

During the time I was on leave, I received my Spoon Motor Rib, but I didn't install it. I waited off on it trying to figure how it was installed and finally took the dive a few days I received my C-West Front Bumper.

Next day I fit tested my C-West front bumper and 2 days later I dropped it off to get installed. I wanted it painted and on before the V2Lab Mystery Meat on April 14th. I was honored to get it on April 12th.

Got to have that blue emblem!

Had the interior reupolstered in black suede. Had the pillars, door panels, and headliner done. Also spray painted the dome light to match it a little.

Added a blue PWJDM rear tow hook for some blue accent!

Side skirt finally added!

Ripped the motor out to paint the bay and the motor and fix some minor issues

Added the CWest tri pod with Prosport Gauges

Fitting and cutting for the Rexxstyling wide body kit

Check the most recent post about what is going on... I shall continue to take pics but only post what has been going on.


Ridin' Nerdy
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  • Seibon CF hood custom painted
    Rexxstyling Widebody Kit
    Yellow tint fog lights
    AMR Coilovers
    Rear windsheild delete
    T1R side mirrors
    CCW LM20's 3pc Gloss black lip/Matte black barrel/Candy blue face
    BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2 275/40/17
    Hatch debadged
    Invidia N1 Exhaust
    C-West Front Bumper
    C-West Side Skirts
    C-West Diffuser
    C-West Spoiler
    Rear Blue Honda Emblem

  • Mishimoto CF shift knob
    Mugen S1 Bucket seats
    Blue IJDMToyz LED lights
    Takata Hans 6 Harness
    JDM rear seats
    Cwest CF triple pod
    Prosport Gauges
    CF wrapped center console
    Fortune Harness Bar
    Black Suede headliner, pillars, and door panels.
    Hybrid Racing short shifter
    NRG blue steering wheel
    NRG short hub
    NRG V3 quick release
    NRG steering wheel lock
    Black Weathertech floor mats
    Battery relocation
Under the Hood:

  • K24A2 Longblock
    K20Z3 Transmission
    High temp Gloss Black motor
    Cobalt Blue bay
    Hasport motor mounts
    DCsport Header
    Prosport Oil filter gauge adapter
    Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
    Hybrid Racing Tuck Fuel Line
    Hybrid Racing Oil Cap
    Hybrid Racing Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Hybrid Racing Shift Cables
    Hybrid Racing AC/PS delete kit
    Mishimoto Coolant Reservoir
    RBC Intake Manifold
    RC Fuel Injectors
    All-In-Fab Dual Fan Radiator
    07 TL Throttle Body
    Driveshaft Shop axles
    K-Tuned swival thermostat adapter
    K-Tuned upper filler neck
    K-Tuned Oil dip stick
    PasswordJDM Hood risers
    PasswordJDM CF coil pack cover
    PasswordJDM bling bolts
    NRG CF hood dampers
    Spoon radiator cap
    Blox Magnetic oil and transmission plug
    16AN water fittings w/ braided black hoses
    River City Powder Coated gloss black valve cover
    River City Powder Coated gloss black oil pan

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he did it !!!:giggle: weird to have had a base cvt huh ? 6mt ex much better ne~? /highfives

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You cracked. Does this mean you're an attention whore now? :)

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LOL - as opposed to Jan 2011?? :giggle:

But seriously... Great to see Tbot put up a build thread.. Great looking ride.. :hail:

Ridin' Nerdy
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Just received my BLF CAI, but going to take a little bit of time before I install it. I am getting the pipes custom painted to match my rims and hood.

I also looking into getting a Buddy Club short shifter. Still awaiting on getting word back from Buddy Club about the part.

So hopefully in next 2 weeks I can get everything together so I can post some picture xD

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SO.... A Buddy Club short shifter just arrived in the mail for me. Totally wasn't expecting it! That will go in this weekend. Also have a cabin filter to throw in as well as the new antenna. Since my antenna broke off, got a complete one for cheap xD I was only expecting the outer shell but it was the whole assembly.... BALLER!!!!

So now I have the BLF CAI to put in, Buddy Club Short Shifter, Antenna, and Cabin Filter this weekend. A lot of things for this weekend ^.^
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