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I had been looking at 1979-1989 Porsches for about 6 months and actually located two real nice ones orig owners low miles great condition and had my man look them over. Even in these cases it was breought to my attention the cars would need yearly maintenance between 3-5k a yr unless unpredicted problems arose... and with a 30 yr old car things are going to start happening.
I'm surprised to see others cross-shopping older 911s besides myself. I purchased a couple of books on the subject but after reading a bit and paying attention to the experience of others, I believe I'll be looking at other options.

My daily driver is a Miata and I love it. However, it is 15 years old and there are times when a closed roof driving experience would be preferred. I plan to buy new or slightly used next year and the top contenders are the Hyundai Veloster, a Mazdaspeed2 (if available), a Fit Si (if available), or a CR-Z.

I've seen two CR-Zs in person and they look fantastic. Combined with Honda's reputation for reliability, one of the best driver's dash layouts available, and a good fun-to-mpg factor makes for a compelling package. I think you did the right thing by keeping yours Chris.
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