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Kreaper -

Our cars don't have an alternator because the role of charging the 12V is taken over by the IMA system. The car has a DC-DC transfer cable that will siphon and charge the 12V front battery as needed, all recharging performed by rear battery pack.

One could run a "wall" of subs without much impact aside from a slight impact in fuel economy around town. Drawing more power means more charge siphoned out of the rear pack. Will only really impact you around town where you don't get as much steady 1 bar regen while cruising along.

I had a 250 self powered sub in the trunk for a couple years on my Civic Hybrid. My DC-DC cable was even replaced once under warranty and I was never questioned. Fully covered under the 10 year / 150,000 mile hybrid coverage. Not that I was running anything crazy but I doubt worries about honoring the warranty should be an issue.

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