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I recently started noticing an annoying click noise emanating from right behind the steering wheel and now I believe I've found out exactly where it's from and the conditions it happens under.

The click can be replicated by moving the wheel left and right, even at a standstill. It also happens when going over undulating or bumpy pavement at random. The click seems to be coming from underneath the shroud behind the wheel (the piece with the key hole in it). I can silence the problem momentarily by holding the shroud and forcing it back towards me. I'm assuming there is a loose part, possibly a cable or harness, is tapping against the inside of this shroud whenever the wheel is turned or the car goes over bumps.

Are issues like this covered under warranty? I'd hate to take it to the dealer over something so minor but this really is annoying on a car with less than 1,000 miles.
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