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Steering rack tie rods inner?

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I’m contacting shops to do front end work on my 2011 crz. I need to change my front lower control arm ball joints and tie rod ends. Some of these shops insist ther is a inner tie rod end in the steer rack. I can’t find it in the manual. Anyone else have experience with this? Are there inner tie rods or anything like that could make noise / get loose and might need to be changed ?
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According to Hondap
honda parts now says that part number won’t fit my car and the correct one Is discontinued
so I’m still looking but at least I know there is such a thing. Thanks
the other question is can they be tested without disassembling the rack.
Ah yes I did my search using my car, (the 2016 has some differences).

Rock auto has some aftermarket ones available. I looked them up using 2011, I'd probably go with the delphi or suspensia

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