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2014 Honda CR-Z EX CVT
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Installed the matching pair of tweeters while retaining the stock connectors.
Used these: DT 24.3 - Hertz car audio systems | The Sound Experience

On the facia I just used a knife and cut out the plastic reinforcements:
Automotive tire Audio equipment Rim Carbon Tire

I then ripped the old tweeters out using vice grips. I chipped out the plastic remnants using a screwdriver and hammer. I filed it by hand until my tweeters fit snugly.
I soldered two connections (keeping the stock crossover capacitor). No need to change the caps as the impedance of these are the same as stock.
I put the inverted dome cover back on the top; but ripped the metal cage off for clearance (see the first picture for what the grill looks like on these tweeters):
Automotive tire Wheel Tire Bicycle part Finger

It just barely clips back into the facia. I cracked the second one (seen in this picture) but it doesn't really matter as the clips hold it all in regardless:
Circuit component Camera accessory Auto part Font Gear

After readjusting the EQ it sounds miles better. Not nearly as much distortion near the top end.
Now I just have to run a new amp for the subwoofer (so i can use the Alpine's subwoofer output) and new rear speakers!

Finished pictures:
Car Vehicle Automotive design Grille Hood

Hood Automotive tire Grey Vehicle Automotive design

Hope this helps anyone who is thinking about this.
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