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Sporty hybrid-powered CRZ coupe leads Honda's home show line-up

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Tokyo motor show: Honda

The 2009 version of the CR-Z makes its debut at the Tokyo motor show, alongside other electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid concepts.

When the production version goes on sale in the UK next summer, it will be the world’s first sports hybrid car and the first ever petrol-electric vehicle to employ a six-speed manual transmission.

Honda’s stand will also feature the EV-N, a small, four-seater battery electric vehicle inspired by the N360, Honda's 360cc micro car launched in the 1960s. It features solar panels in the roof which could be used to charge the on-board battery. The EV-N is purely a design study and there are no plans for production.

The show will also mark the debut of the Skydeck concept, a six-seater hybrid MPV. This is still a design study, but is a great example of how Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid technology can be adapted to a range of different cars for different needs.

To give the Skydeck the practicality of a conventional MPV, many of the hybrid system components – including the high power battery – are housed in the car’s centre tunnel rather than behind the rear seats or under the floor, as with previous production hybrids. This allows greater cabin space and sufficient space for three rows of two seats.

Other models on display include the Swindon-built Civic Type R EURO. Sales of the three-door hot hatch start in Japan in November 2009.

Honda will also feature a display zone called HELLO! (Honda Electric mobility Loop), featuring a display of electricity-based products, including those that supply curent and vehicles that run on it.

As well as the EV-N, this area will display the production version of the FCX Clarity fuel-cell car, a new EV-Cub electric motorcycle; the U3-X, a one-wheel personal mobility device that uses balance control technology developed through the ASIMO robot project; and LOOP, a portable communication tool that allows people and mobility devices to communicate.

This year, Honda's motorcycle display shares the same stand as the cars, and includes compact commuter two-wheelers powered by electricity.

Advanced models that address environmental elements include the PCX, a scooter employing fuel-saving stop-start technology, and the EVE-neo electric scooter.

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