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So I bought a CRZ 2013 EX 6 MT 62000 miles. I will probably just be keeping it as a daily because I drive a lot for work. I had more pictures, but deleted them. I ordered some basic stuff off the rip.


I had to see how many gallons it would take, and in all seriousness this will probably never happen again.
I usually fill my vehicles on a schedule so they're never really under half, unless it's my race bike and that is an entire other story.


Some of the things I bought:
1) "JDM" rear reflectors, but is seems they're wired so they have lights...IDK...
2) HEKO in channel rain guards.
3)Led kit super white replacement bulbs for the interior, door, hatch, tag lights, and whatever else is included it was a kit.

This build can either go one of two ways...all out hatch back race car, or just a slightly sleeker commuter car.

Either way I'll post my progress here. I'll probably do the JDM mirror tilt. I may also consider the JDM folding mirrors. I would like to be able to have a switch that turns the reverse camera on and off while diving. I'm sure that can't be too difficult. I may do a rear wiper delete. I may do a roof rack.

I washed the car once and it's obvious the previous owner didn't really know how to take care of a car. It's not in bad shape, but it's obviously not been in a garage its entire life. For now I'm not really in a huge rush, but depending on how good i can get the paint to look I may actually wrap it.

I look forward to this "project", but progress may be slow because of work, work, and school.
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