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South African Review: Launch drive - Honda CR-Z

Honda has been making fantastic cars for more years than I can honestly remember, including some truly interesting and groundbreaking concepts, as well as the occasional sportscar. These sportscars – think NSX and S2000 – have made such an impact on the global perception of the brand that they’ve not only become motoring icons, have elevated Honda to a highly revered manufacturer across the world. The winds of change are however blowing fiercely, and it was therefore with much excitement that we kept tabs on Honda’s latest stunner, the CR-Z. The striking CR-Z was launched to the local media this week despite huge international demand, and is set to be a major hit in SA. In fact, Honda has received 45 firm orders prior to the car even being launched…

Honda calls the CR-Z the world’s first hybrid sports coupe, and based on its svelte styling and sportscar proportions, they’re certainly on to something. According to Honda, the CR-Z uniquely links the environmental advantages of a clean and efficient hybrid drivetrain and the sporty appeal of a six-speed manual gearbox to a striking, streamlined 2+2 design. The company hopes that this aspirational model will change perceptions about hybrid cars forever.

Honda undoubtedly got the styling right with the CR-Z as it’s quite simply stunning. While it’s recognisable a member of the Honda stable, it incorporates futuristic lines and contours quite unlike any previous Honda model, although some of the styling cues do remind of some of his ancestors. The split-level tailgate, for example, with its lower glassed area, is reminiscent of the legendary Honda CR-X.

The Honda identity comes through very strong at the front, flowing into a sleek, smooth profile thanks to the sculpted waistline, ending in a cheeky and quite spunky tail. This, combined with its wider track, gives the CR-Z an almost crouching stance that’s a real knockout. In fact, prior to departing on the launch route, when all the cars were lined up outside, we decided that all eight available colours complement the design.

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