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I picked up my black GT yesterday, but I didn't get that much time with it, as I was officially at work :) Here are my impressions after some driving later in the evening and today:

Not much to say about the driving modes, the traffic was pretty heavy, so most of it was done in econ. Did some parking to see how problematic the rear visibility would be, but it was ok. I saw everything I needed to see, didn't kill anyone. Didn't see anyone, at least. Then again, the rear window is tinted. Got to test the cruise control on the highway, very easy to use, even for someone who's never used one before :) The same goes for the iPod, which just worked, sort of. Good sound. Getting the handsfree going took maybe 4-5 minutes. Tried to make a phone call by saying the phone no, no problem. And the person at the other end said the sound was excellent. Transferring contacts from the phone is really easy.

Unfortunately I don't have any's been raining for a couple of days, and I think you know by now what a black CR-Z looks like :)

BTW, the Norwegian GTs are without the sunroof. I knew this beforehand, so it wasn't a surprise (I test drove one in early June). And actually, I prefer it like this. I have a feeling it's going to be a blast to drive around in this car :)
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