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Solar Battery Charger

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Hi Guys.
Sorry if this has already been covered. I have looked round the forum and could not see anything regarding this question.

I was thinking of getting a solar powered 12V battery charger that comes with an OBD11 plug, to charge the battery in the engine bay.
As this feeds the power in through the OBD11 socket, would this harm the IMA battery in any way.

Any input would be gratefully received.

Stan UK
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Hi Guys.
Thanks for your replies.

It was probably was not made for Hybrid cars.

This is to just keep the 12V battery under the bonnet (sorry that's what we call it) with a full charge.
This is a 12V solar battery charger sold by the AA in the UK(which is like your triple A in the US) that sits on your dash board and connects to the car battery via the OBDII socket.
It's made to keep the battery topped up when the car is not getting used often enough. IE like a long holiday. And as it is not waterproof, it must stay inside the car, when your not using it.
Also it must be removed from the OBDII port before you start the car. So my other OBDII Bluetooth will go back in so I have Info from the engine whilst driving.
It's output is as follows.Peak Power Output: 2.4 watt, Peak Volts Output: 12.7 volts, Optimum Working Current: 0.13-0.2 amps.

My concern was that as the manual says to disconnect the cars 12V battery before charging it.
I was thinking that if I used the OBD2 port to use the trickle charger it would also maybe feed to other parts of the cars electrical system. Which might be a bad thing.

Stan from the UK
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Thanks Guys.

A nice lot of input by yourselves.

I am still not sure if I will go down this route yet, buy it's on my list to maybe try it.

Hi Guys.

Well I bit the bullet and bought a solar charger, but it doesn't charge the battery through the OBD 11. ( It says on the instructions that some OBD11 are wired differently and wont work with their charger)
But it works fine when connected to the battery terminals.
(I still can't find out why you are supposed to take the Pos and Neg connections off to charge the battery ?)

Now my new question is this.
My under the bonnet battery seems to stay around 12.22V ish when used frequently. (and the car starts without a problem)
When I bought the new battery I was reading up on 12V car batteries.
All the material that I read says the if the battery falls below 12.4V it causes the plates to sulfate, which leads to battery failure. So why does my car take my battery down to 12.22V ish, under normal use, and will this battery fail like the previous one.

Any help would be appreciated, as I'm not very savvy with car/bike electrics.

Stan UK.
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Hi Guys.

Thank you to everyone who got on board to help me with this problem.

When I take the car out I try and do about 30 minuits of driving, I read somewhere that you should do at least one 30 minuits drive a month.

I measured the voltage with a voltage meter. But I will do that with my OBD11 as well, and let you guys know the outcome.

I will also do the Idle Control Learn & CKP Pattern learn procedure, as soon as it is practical for me to do that.

Stan UK
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