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Solar Battery Charger

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Hi Guys.
Sorry if this has already been covered. I have looked round the forum and could not see anything regarding this question.

I was thinking of getting a solar powered 12V battery charger that comes with an OBD11 plug, to charge the battery in the engine bay.
As this feeds the power in through the OBD11 socket, would this harm the IMA battery in any way.

Any input would be gratefully received.

Stan UK
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Wire it to an open slot in the fuse block if you want to free up you OBDII connector--#46 is an always on (not just on with ACC) slot that you can use. As for trickle charging the battery while it's still hooked up to the vehicle, I know others who have done that with their CR-Z, but I've always disconnected the pos. and neg. terminals to charge the battery--but I can't say for a fact that it's absolutely necessary to disconnect them.
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...(I still can't find out why you are supposed to take the Pos and Neg connections off to charge the battery ?)...
Don't be too concerned about that--it's just MY method.:wink2:
Doesn't that also reset a few things in the MID even if you don't want them reset? I know when my battery failed I lost trip odometer and some other settings possibly my radio stations.
Good point, but the idea is to give you a clean slate. I don't think resetting your radio or MPG for that tank of gas is an issue--it might be to others. Also, you may want to do this too:
click here for Idle Control Learn & CKP Pattern learn procedure
I will also do the Idle Control Learn & CKP Pattern learn procedure, as soon as it is practical for me to do that.
Idle and CKP procedures are good to do any time you clear the DTCs, but not saying it will correct other issues.:wink2:
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