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bought a CRZ on Saturday night at Spreen Honda in Loma Linda

after shopping around in 626/SGV area which all of the dealers were asking MSRP+tax we decided to head east, go toward inland to see if we can get some good deal

no luck at Penske Honda in Ontario as well as Rock Honda in Fontana

then found this lovely PWP base CVT model CRZ just getting off the truck when we got to Spreen Honda
turned out they have 20+ CRZ in stock so we figured there must be some discount

so yea...after a short discussion, we offered $21k OTD, the sales person came out and said done deal at $21220 OTD
we spent less than an hr in the dealership and we couldnt be any happier with that price

picking up the car in 3 hours, got HID kits and Advan RG2 wheels waiting at home for the car...will take pics and upload them on the forums, cant wait!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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