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In another discussion about 3rd gear notchiness it was brought up that you shouldn't skip gears when shifting the 6 speed. The reasons make sense, but I wanted to start a new topic.

It's bad to skip gears when shifting because your synchros have to then catch up to a higher (or lower) speed than they were intended to work with. Is that understanding correct?

What if, during downshifting, I rev-match? I had always thought that all but negated the need for synchros altogether?

Also, what if you skip gears at lower speeds? For example, I sometimes am cruising in six at like 35mph, coming up to a turn. I brake, come up to the turn, clutch in and go into 3rd gear, rev-match and clutch out.. at this point going 15-20 or so mph. It's kind of a bad habit from when I used to beat the crap out of my old Focus.. in that case I would go into 2nd and pretend like I was driving a racecar...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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