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Should we continue COTM/COTY?

  • Yes

    Votes: 32 72.7%
  • No

    Votes: 5 11.4%
  • Change it

    Votes: 7 15.9%
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I'm hardly a social media fan myself. It took a pretty harsh guilt-tripping from the Dragoneers to get me on Facebook just to be with the CR-Z group. I guess I can see a few benefits. Someone will inevitably post up a picture with the caption "hey, I did blahbitty blah blah this weekend, lol asuh kkthxbai", and it may stay on the forefront of FB for a couple days, but then fade away. The forum, on the other hand, requires some thoughtful composition when you post, which I find more useful for a permanent, encyclopedia-ish place to put information (ie: build threads)

This is just me thinking aloud, but I think some of the overall enthusiasm has died on the forum. The cars/owners aren't as new as they once were. Some cars have wrecked or been sold. And lets face it, there's nothing new anymore. K swap? Its been done. Supercharger? Its been done. Suspension mods? Done. Hypermiling tips? That's been done. Cosmetic body kits? Nothing new being developed it seems. New version of the CR-Z? Uh no...the car's discontinued. Everything that a new owner might want to know when they come to the forum has already been written. I think the Forum may be looking at a new life as an encyclopedia of information for CR-Zs, while FB gets the more instant day-to-day information. Facebook might be the better place to hold a monthly contest at this point.
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