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SEMA 2010: Honda Unveils Mugen CR-Z, Hybrid R Concept

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SEMA 2010: Honda Unveils Mugen CR-Z, Hybrid R Concept

Although we brought you some of the first pics of the Honda CR-Z racer, we had to wait another 12 hours to see Honda‘s other two concepts, also based on the CR-Z.

The first, a CR-Z equipped with Mugen accessories, will actually be available as a series of dealer installed parts sold as one kit. Only 300 kits will be made available, with a front grille, rear wing spoiler, 17″ wheels, floor mats, a Mugen shift knob and a billet oil cap. Customers will also get an individually numbered plaque, which may or may not add a few pesos to the resale value of the car.

The CR-Z Hybrid R concept car was also unveiled, and was described as road-going version of the CR-Z Hybrid racer, although it’s decidedly biased towards the “tuner” side of the auto world. Using the same 200 horsepower turbocharged engine, limited-slip differential and suspension setup, the Hybrid R also features bright red paintwork, huge wheels and an obnoxiously large spoiler. If you like that sort of thing, it’s probably a good way to save gas and look cool. We’ll stick with the race car.

Official Press Release Can Be Found Below

Full Article Found At: Honda Unveils Mugen CR-Z, Hybrid R Concept | News
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Yes, we have already discussed this one.
oh my god, im loving the dual exhaust in the middle, sexy.

thats the only thing i do not like about the exhaust in the crz, its only 1 sided.

imo cars with dual exhaust with one with left and right are the sexiest, or both in the middle.
I hate that wing! IMO the CR-Z does not look good with a wing at all.
The rear wing is pretty horrendous. Why take such a fundamentally aerodynamic shape and ruin it with a colossal drag generator? Even if you could corner fast enough to generate downforce it's not like it's going to do much good over the rear wheels anyway.
The spoiler does look ridiculous.
imo cars with dual exhaust with one with left and right are the sexiest...
Though it may be more aesthetically pleasing, the unnecessary weight and complexity that a dual exhaust adds to an I4 bothers me. That's what I like so much about the dual tip center exit set-up. It achieves that symmetric, sexy look while limiting the added weight/complexity as much as possible.
The spoiler does look ridiculous.
I would thing the spoiler would cut off even more of the view out the back window. However, I think it looks amazing.
Contrary to popular belief, a rear stabilizer isn't there to provide downforce for launch traction, but rear suspension stability at speed and reduce boundary layer seperation. Even on rear wheel drive cars, the fact remains that at low speed where the car needs addtional traction, there's no airspeed to generate any additional downforce and therefore grip. The stabilizer functions to add a load to the suspension so unduluations encountered which are harmonic with the suspension do not upset the suspension. Also, because of the shape of most cars, a sharp rake in the back causes what is known as boundary layer seperation which the laminar flow boundary at the very close surface of the car (millimteres in thickness) seperates and causes great pressure drag, slowing the car. Although, the hatchback design doesn't benefit from this function, it still benefits from the suspension stability.

If you look at open wheel cars like Formula 1, the vast majority of aerodynamic downforce is contributed by the undercarriage ground effects despite stiff regulations on such appendeges and penalties for missing requirements. Lately, constructors continue to obtain more and more downforce per given airspeed despite being regulated so greatly. In the interest of sporting competition and overtaking, such regulations are maintained, but were cars to be less regulated, you'd see substantially greater levels of downforce, grip and cornering capabilities approaching that of low speed planes.
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I really hope they release this in the US.
I love that red!
Does anyone have an idea of when release would be? Would it be nice to wait or just get a CR-Z now..?
hmmm mugen si and mugen crz in my driveway... ill take it... haha
CRZ Hybrid R concept is at the LA auto show. Great looking car.
CRZ to be the new Type R

Honda are to provide the CRZ with a new turbo charged 1.6 engine in 2 guises.
One a 160 bhp petrol only and one a blistering 200 bhp petrol only
Both aredue to hit the street late next year.

Yeehaw. :D
Honda are to provide the CRZ with a new turbo charged 1.6 engine in 2 guises.
One a 160 bhp petrol only and one a blistering 200 bhp petrol only
Both aredue to hit the street late next year.

Yeehaw. :D
wow, very good eye!! thanks! seems to be the 5 Axis S5:F wheels and i saw a website selling them for $265/each in size 18x8.5... not bad IMO...

i found a better image...

Ok this is the absolute only wheel I wasnt for my Crz EX6MT
is the 8.5" width going to present any problems?
Has anyone in the real world used these wheels on a Crz and has feedback?

late 2011, so long to wait. i hope it is worthy for the wait !
If the turbo version comes out, it may be trade in the fit time, and hello two CRZ's. Or just trade in my current CRZ.. either way gonna be mine.
for those of you looking for the wheels on this car, there is a group buy going on on 900 shipped and 3 available colors.

***FIVE:AD Wheel Group Buy*** - Acura TSX Club : Acura TSX Forum

just a heads up
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