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OK. Cast an eye over the spec sheet Gents..

The Battery Cells are not standard NiMH, they are custom Nickel Cobalt Magnesium.

The Pack Voltage is not the standard 100.8V the output is 173V...

So it has a custom BCM (battery control module)

The MCM (motor control module) is not the standard Honda Item but a custom item...the automated control of the IMA motor to provide assist to the Petrol Engine i.e. the Three Mode Drive concept has been abandoned for a Manual Driver operated 'Push to Pass' effort. i.e. a button on the steering wheel.

The only thing that is Standard it would seem is the IMA motor itself. (so far as one can tell) With the output nearly doubled :) Which shows how conservative the Honda Engineers were when designing the CRZ IMA Drive in the first place.
Do you know if this set up is for sale in the U.S.?
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