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Second Annual CR-Z Meet

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I will keep editing this post with more info and such when it becomes available.

Last years event we had a total of 13 CR-Z's show up from all over the U.S. This event I hope we can have double that and double the fun.

Please see the links below for the pictures and recap for the last two dragon runs:

1st Annual CR-Z Meet 2013, Tail of the Dragon - Imgur

2013 Meet | Chakman's Photo Album

Where: US 129/The Dragon/Deals Gap

When: July 31st-August 3rd, 2014.

Lodging: Fontana Dam Village Resort. Please send me a PM if your interested staying in a cabin. 5-6 people can stay in a cabin, so I'll have about 18 spots. If your not staying in a cabin with everyone, you can call and book a lodge room for your self for those days. (They are around $79 a night) The sooner you book the better because that weekend will have a lot of traffic. If you book a lodge room call up and mention team-integra, it will get you the $79 discount.

Also there is ZERO cell reception within 10-20 miles of the resort. The lodge has free WIFI and minor cell phone service for people with verizon. That in mind please have a walkie talkie so all of us can keep in contact. See activities portion for more info.

Attendee List:

1. Carzee
2. Cyeung
3. Alan bunch of numbers
4. Item9
5. B-rad
6. Jen-from-Il
7. Cincrz
8. Cabbot
9. Realtallshorty
10. Touring10
11. Numberoneoppa
12. Romiata
13. Crazy Z
14. Skulliwulli
15. Dezigner
16. Hondaholly
17. Shawnfrontier
18. WendyH
19. MikesCrz
20. Cryoz
21. Meatguy87
22. Crz_phile
23. The Infamous "Dave"
24. Remc86007
25. Kenju1
26. Colton.A.Parker
27. Varmint
28. Tulacat

Current cabin lodging list:
1. Carzee
2. Item9 (PAID)
3. B-rad + 1
4. Cyeung (PAID)
5. Numberoneoppa
6. Cryoz (PAID)
7. Shawnfrontier (PAID)
8. Meatguy87 + 1 (PAID)
9. WendyH (PAID)
10. Romiata
11. Realtallshorty (PAID)
12. Jen from Il (PAID)
13. Dave (PAID)
14. Kenju1 (PAID)
15. Cincrz (PAID)
16. Varmint
17. HondaHolly


Two way radios: We will use channel 8 on the walkie talkies.

Thursday- This is arrival day. Check in at the cabins is at 4pm so I usually try to get in town a little before then. Last year we all met at the lodge around 4 and everyone followed me to the cabins. So if your staying in a cabin with the group, plan on meeting at the lodge at 4pm. After that we will probably get situated and maybe get a run in before it gets dark. Afterwards we all can hangout around the cabins and chit chat and/or for the people that have been to dragon before we can do a night run.

Friday- We will go to Robbinsville and get food for the weekend. We will meet up at the Fontana General Store and head out at 11am. We can go grab lunch then go to the grocery store. We will go to Lynn's Place again like last year. It was a nice, small diner with some good food.

Afterwards I'd like to check out the road to no where. I wasn't able to check it out last year but I heard its pretty cool.

I think we all can take a drive there and take some photos. I hear there is a nice walking trail at the end of the road as well. Afterwards we can go back to the cabins, do some driving and hangout.

Also, Friday night if anyone is interested Steve from team-integra is having a traditional beer exchange at his big cabin. Afterwards, they also play drunken kickball at the baseball field. There will be a bonfire at team-integra's cabin as well.

Saturday- We will do a group photo shoot at the top of the Fontana Dam like last year. Please make sure you know how to get the the top of the dam beforehand. The following link has exact directions from the cabins to the dam.,+50+Fontana+Road,+Fontana+Dam,+NC+28771&daddr=Unknown+road&hl=en&sll=35.451197,-83.803293&sspn=0.005244,0.009645&geocode=FTeoHAIdhPwA-ylxdB9467heiDG37lTx_JRJBQ%3BFX30HAIdikgB-w&oq=fontana+dam&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=17&t=m&z=17

Be at the dam NO LATER THAN 10AM !!! We only have Killboy taking pictures from 10-11am, so if your late Im not paying for extra time for him to stick around. Last year we had some stragglers and I'd like to keep it organized this year. I am going to try to get up there early and block off some spots so we can all park close together.

After the photo shoot, we will be doing a big cherohala skyway cruise. This is around a 3-4 hour drive. Location E is where we start and end. We will travel down hwy 28 to 143, then 143 to US 129, and then left back on 143 (Cherohala Skyway). From there we will take 143 to ether 360 or 68 (Both lead to 411). When we get to Hwy 411, we can stop and eat dinner (There is a bunch of places to eat). After we eat we will take 411 to 72. (Item9's favorite road to unleash the white devil). We will take 72 back to US 129 (Dragon). And of course US 129 back to 28 to Fontana. Don't worry, we will stop at various points and take some pics!

Saturday night we can do a night run and after go hangout at the bonfire again!

Sunday- Check out is 11am. Last year a few of us went on one last run in the morning before we left.

About the Where: What is the dragon run you ask? The Dragon is a stretch of hwy 129 going through the great smokey mountains of NC and TN. Its a very popular twisty road for motorcycles and car clubs to drive through. People from all over the world come here every year to drive these roads and I've heard there aren't many roads that can compare to US129. All you people who take a lot of pics will especially love it because they're professional photographers on a majority of the twisty turns taking pictures. I've been going to the dragon for the last 4 years and always have a blast every time I go.

Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, motorcycle and sport car two lane tourism serving Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner28, Devils Triangle, and Six Gap North Georgia.

About the Lodging: I've stayed at Fontana dam village the last 4 years and its a very nice place. They have a bunch of cabins and lodge rooms. If you want your own privacy you can get a Lodge room from $79 and up and if you don't mind staying with a few others then Cabins are generally $129 and up. Steve (Morningz) the owner of has been so kind as to book a few extra 2 bedroom cabins under his group rate he has from team integra for this years meet. So when those become available I'll let everyone know.

Fontana Village Resort. Your Great Smoky Mountain Destination. Fontana Dam, NC

I encourage anyone and everyone who loves to drive...young/old, girl/guy, whoever to make it out this year. Last year had people from ranging from 20's to 50's and we all got along great, so don't feel like your excluded from joining the fun.

2nd Annual CR-Z Forum Meet Roster:
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I pretty much have to come out... just to make sure all of you guys have your lugnuts on tight...
With that kind of money we, as a community, could buy and build up a "loaner" CR-Z for use on the Dragon... Wrap it in pink and it's breast cancer awareness central...
Better brake pads and a brake fluid change couldn't hurt either...
Why does Item9 keep stressing brakes when he never even used his?
Were you even there? I couldn't see that far back...
Some of you guys are overthinking this... Driving on the Dragon is easy. You are just keeping a car between the yellow lines and the side of the road, going somewhat fast. There is no "line" to learn or that much to think about, especially if you're rocking out a CVT. It's just point and shoot. Slow down, turn, accelerate, repeat. The most important thing you can do is RELAX. Don't allow yourself to be pressured into going faster than your ability and don't drive "emotionally". Drive like you are a robot; a robot created to carve pavement. I'm almost meditating when I run the Dragon... The second most important thing is to be always mindful of cold tires. We stop somewhat frequently, so there a plenty of opportunities for tires to cool off and you can get into trouble if you start off driving "hot" again on cold tires. Always allow for warm up time. If you guys can at least do these things, then it should be a pretty safe meet with no mishaps.

I've gotten pretty good at handling my car in a variety of conditions, but there's no way for me to practice mountain driving. Us flatlanders are going to need some kind of tutorial on how not to drain the IMA on long uphills. Just try not to use the word noob more than, say, 5 times in the explanation. :rolleyes:
Just climb the hill and don't worry about your IMA. There's no technique, other than having a full battery at the start. Just push the throttle and go. You WILL run out on a long climb and there's really nothing you can do about it, unless you want to install a supercharger...
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It depends on where you are. There's really no engine breaking to do on the actual Dragon. The Skyway on the other hand...
Better call up those dudes in the lifted truck that called us "****!" last time and tell them to bring more friends...
I've seen a 16 mpg tank that includes both Dragon and Skyway runs, with some traffic too... I've gotten a 9 mpg tank on a track day before, which probably isn't that bad. I'm sure there were cars out there sucking down over a gallon per lap...
I was looking at some video of the hill climb a few nights ago. I said to my husband that it looked fun but would be a nightmare in a CR-Z. With no downhills to recover, how long would it take to run out the IMA and be reduced to a crawl?
"Nightmare" would be an exaggeration... The IMA is only 13-20hp; you still have the other 110 or so horses to get you up the hill... There really is no need to worry about the IMA and you don't need to be watching the dash when there are much better things to be looking at. Just look at the road ahead of you and all of the scenery around you...

Unless you want to mod under the hood for more power, which just simply gets you up the hill in less time and thus spending less time discharging the IMA battery, there isn't much else you can do about it.
Don't let me get drunk unless you want to see me with my pants off...
Oh yeah... Dave mentioned this to me. Is that why he won't look you in the eye anymore?
Pretty much. I wasn't the only one doing it, but I was the only one throwing my clothes across the place... from what I'm told... I don't remember any of it.

So I might have been blackout drunk and naked in a bar, but at least I didn't do anything gay... Can't say the same for Dave though... Just make sure you call Dave "The Butterfly Whisperer" from now on...
I think Art just wants to avoid seeing my pants come off... I can't promise that I won't do that either...
RTS, you just don't get it, do you? You and your precious civilization...
I suggest rolling solo too. It is just a better experience to not have any concern for the well being of a passenger while hammering out some corners. Especially if it's a significant other, because they no reservations at all when it comes to screaming at you...

Plus passengers are dead weight and they smell bad after sitting in the car for a few hours...

Anyways, NOW is the time to book. If your bf just started a new job and can't ask for time off NOW, then it's probably too late for him... Don't let his "maybe I can" screw up your definite plans...
I'd throw the cyeung in there... He's probably the cleanest and most organized of all of us. He also does not mess around when it comes to getting to sleep on time...
I'm pretty sure that if there was an attacker, Holly would probably be the one protecting Josh...
Might be worth it to just get a keg... Who wants to be the keg stand champ?
^I cannot agree with this. It NEVER hurts to have fresh brake fluid before expecting to do some performance driving. Brake fluid absorbs moisture over time and that lowers it's boiling point, resulting in brake fade occurring much sooner. If you think you need to do it, then just do it. It can't hurt and it's nice to have the peace of mind. If you do the bleed yourself, it shouldn't cost you very much. We can even bang it out at the Dragon, if you want. We did a brake bleed in the parking lot on B-rad's car the first year...

Also, relying on the reservoir to be an indicator of pad wear isn't a good idea... There is no replacement for physically checking the pad thickness.
How about we record it all on video and you watch it later?
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