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Second Annual CR-Z Meet

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I will keep editing this post with more info and such when it becomes available.

Last years event we had a total of 13 CR-Z's show up from all over the U.S. This event I hope we can have double that and double the fun.

Please see the links below for the pictures and recap for the last two dragon runs:

1st Annual CR-Z Meet 2013, Tail of the Dragon - Imgur

2013 Meet | Chakman's Photo Album

Where: US 129/The Dragon/Deals Gap

When: July 31st-August 3rd, 2014.

Lodging: Fontana Dam Village Resort. Please send me a PM if your interested staying in a cabin. 5-6 people can stay in a cabin, so I'll have about 18 spots. If your not staying in a cabin with everyone, you can call and book a lodge room for your self for those days. (They are around $79 a night) The sooner you book the better because that weekend will have a lot of traffic. If you book a lodge room call up and mention team-integra, it will get you the $79 discount.

Also there is ZERO cell reception within 10-20 miles of the resort. The lodge has free WIFI and minor cell phone service for people with verizon. That in mind please have a walkie talkie so all of us can keep in contact. See activities portion for more info.

Attendee List:

1. Carzee
2. Cyeung
3. Alan bunch of numbers
4. Item9
5. B-rad
6. Jen-from-Il
7. Cincrz
8. Cabbot
9. Realtallshorty
10. Touring10
11. Numberoneoppa
12. Romiata
13. Crazy Z
14. Skulliwulli
15. Dezigner
16. Hondaholly
17. Shawnfrontier
18. WendyH
19. MikesCrz
20. Cryoz
21. Meatguy87
22. Crz_phile
23. The Infamous "Dave"
24. Remc86007
25. Kenju1
26. Colton.A.Parker
27. Varmint
28. Tulacat

Current cabin lodging list:
1. Carzee
2. Item9 (PAID)
3. B-rad + 1
4. Cyeung (PAID)
5. Numberoneoppa
6. Cryoz (PAID)
7. Shawnfrontier (PAID)
8. Meatguy87 + 1 (PAID)
9. WendyH (PAID)
10. Romiata
11. Realtallshorty (PAID)
12. Jen from Il (PAID)
13. Dave (PAID)
14. Kenju1 (PAID)
15. Cincrz (PAID)
16. Varmint
17. HondaHolly


Two way radios: We will use channel 8 on the walkie talkies.

Thursday- This is arrival day. Check in at the cabins is at 4pm so I usually try to get in town a little before then. Last year we all met at the lodge around 4 and everyone followed me to the cabins. So if your staying in a cabin with the group, plan on meeting at the lodge at 4pm. After that we will probably get situated and maybe get a run in before it gets dark. Afterwards we all can hangout around the cabins and chit chat and/or for the people that have been to dragon before we can do a night run.

Friday- We will go to Robbinsville and get food for the weekend. We will meet up at the Fontana General Store and head out at 11am. We can go grab lunch then go to the grocery store. We will go to Lynn's Place again like last year. It was a nice, small diner with some good food.

Afterwards I'd like to check out the road to no where. I wasn't able to check it out last year but I heard its pretty cool.

I think we all can take a drive there and take some photos. I hear there is a nice walking trail at the end of the road as well. Afterwards we can go back to the cabins, do some driving and hangout.

Also, Friday night if anyone is interested Steve from team-integra is having a traditional beer exchange at his big cabin. Afterwards, they also play drunken kickball at the baseball field. There will be a bonfire at team-integra's cabin as well.

Saturday- We will do a group photo shoot at the top of the Fontana Dam like last year. Please make sure you know how to get the the top of the dam beforehand. The following link has exact directions from the cabins to the dam.,+50+Fontana+Road,+Fontana+Dam,+NC+28771&daddr=Unknown+road&hl=en&sll=35.451197,-83.803293&sspn=0.005244,0.009645&geocode=FTeoHAIdhPwA-ylxdB9467heiDG37lTx_JRJBQ%3BFX30HAIdikgB-w&oq=fontana+dam&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=17&t=m&z=17

Be at the dam NO LATER THAN 10AM !!! We only have Killboy taking pictures from 10-11am, so if your late Im not paying for extra time for him to stick around. Last year we had some stragglers and I'd like to keep it organized this year. I am going to try to get up there early and block off some spots so we can all park close together.

After the photo shoot, we will be doing a big cherohala skyway cruise. This is around a 3-4 hour drive. Location E is where we start and end. We will travel down hwy 28 to 143, then 143 to US 129, and then left back on 143 (Cherohala Skyway). From there we will take 143 to ether 360 or 68 (Both lead to 411). When we get to Hwy 411, we can stop and eat dinner (There is a bunch of places to eat). After we eat we will take 411 to 72. (Item9's favorite road to unleash the white devil). We will take 72 back to US 129 (Dragon). And of course US 129 back to 28 to Fontana. Don't worry, we will stop at various points and take some pics!

Saturday night we can do a night run and after go hangout at the bonfire again!

Sunday- Check out is 11am. Last year a few of us went on one last run in the morning before we left.

About the Where: What is the dragon run you ask? The Dragon is a stretch of hwy 129 going through the great smokey mountains of NC and TN. Its a very popular twisty road for motorcycles and car clubs to drive through. People from all over the world come here every year to drive these roads and I've heard there aren't many roads that can compare to US129. All you people who take a lot of pics will especially love it because they're professional photographers on a majority of the twisty turns taking pictures. I've been going to the dragon for the last 4 years and always have a blast every time I go.

Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, motorcycle and sport car two lane tourism serving Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner28, Devils Triangle, and Six Gap North Georgia.

About the Lodging: I've stayed at Fontana dam village the last 4 years and its a very nice place. They have a bunch of cabins and lodge rooms. If you want your own privacy you can get a Lodge room from $79 and up and if you don't mind staying with a few others then Cabins are generally $129 and up. Steve (Morningz) the owner of has been so kind as to book a few extra 2 bedroom cabins under his group rate he has from team integra for this years meet. So when those become available I'll let everyone know.

Fontana Village Resort. Your Great Smoky Mountain Destination. Fontana Dam, NC

I encourage anyone and everyone who loves to drive...young/old, girl/guy, whoever to make it out this year. Last year had people from ranging from 20's to 50's and we all got along great, so don't feel like your excluded from joining the fun.

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I am definitely going to be there. RTS can't be the only girl there next year. We need to get Holly and WendyH to go too (I know it probably won't happen but you can't blame me for trying). Berry Girl wants to see 2Pac again and meet some new friends.
Any advice for the first timers? I've done a small amount of auto X with my cousin. And not in my Z. I'm sure take it slow and all of that.. Maybe make sure my lugs are tight. What about some secrets that the veterans think are obvious that may not be?
You can joing Berry Girl and I at the back of the pack of you want. :). I won't be trying to keep up with the experts. I'm just going to have a great time with some other 'Z' owners (oh and Berry Girl wants to see 2Pac (RTS' 'Z'). :)
Let's see...
  • The speed limit is merely a suggestion, as long as you don't go over the double-yellow lines. Remember that you have the wall of a mountain on one side and off the mountain on another.
  • If you notice cars starting to line up behind you, pull out and let them pass. Don't be that Kia Sedona that went past several pull-out spots despite a line of cars blaring their horns AND people in those spots pointing for them to pull out! :cursing:
  • Travel in packs.
  • ITEM9 goes first. :pP:
I found out very quickly to pull off and let the pros go by. :)
Were you even there? I couldn't see that far back...
Ouch RTS, that's gotta hurt!!!

I've found a friend who might be willing to travel with me, so it's a bit more of a possibility. I'd love to bring my husband, but we can't really travel together at the moment because we have a dog with lupus who needs a schedule my dog-sitting friends can't manage. And I'm not doing a trip that long alone. Too boring, even in a CR-Z.
Ooooo that would be awesome if you can make it. Sorry about your pup. :(

You'll pass my house on the way down so just honk your horn and I'll follow ya! Hehehe.....

Seriously though, I hope you can go. RTS needs some backup next year!
My copilot can get the time off work, so I'm officially in. Let me know when it's time to sign up for cabins. Now I'm expecting Jen and RTS to show up so I won't be the only old lady at the back of the pack. :D Jen, we could probably even caravan part way.
YAY!!!!! That's awesome. Now let's hope Holly can make it too.
Holly is super smart! I won't be able to talk to her because I'll just sound stupid. :)

Eh, whatever on the cabin sharing situation.
I'm surprised you get cell in Robbinsville. I was in Asheville a few years back and the only time I could do more than send an occasional text was in one park outside of town. I had to keep in touch with the husband through Facebook since my host had wifi at least. It made me appreciate my flat homeland.
I had almost no success with cell reception down there either, except in Asheville itself (I have Sprint, so my service pretty much is useless everywhere - hehehe).

Perhaps we take some carrier pigeons with us to send messages back and forth. :)
Remember, some of us (well probably just me) will be at the back just staying out of everybody's way. :) I had fun last year on my solo Dragon run being a little more aggressive than I usually am but I won't be doing anything crazy. Just looking to have a great time, meet some new peeps, hangout with RTS and the other girls that end up making the trek and seeing some beautiful country.
I'll be behind Jen. I didn't get a CR-Z to go fast, I got it to go fun. :)
Hehehe, we will be 'racing' to see who is in the back of the pack.

Ima race y'all to the back of the pack! Me me me me me me :tong:
Hehehe.... I didn't know if you were going to try to race with the boys or not this year. :)
Everybody knows the best fun is in the back of the plane!

If 2Pac doesn't quit pissing me off, I won't even be there. After I discovered no running water in the house (main line busted on my street and 2 other connecting streets), went to warm-up the Pac to go buy drinking water for me and the dogs, Pac wouldn't start. Dead 12v. Hooked up the charger and dropped $146.00 a new 12v. He is nickle and dime-ing me!
:( Dang RTS! Sorry about the water and 2Pac.
Noobs going to this run, drive your own drive, don't even attempt to drive with the guys in the front, just sayin'.
Those of us at the back will see the rest of ya later at dinner. Hehehe.....
Those of you guys going from the mid-west are REALLY going to enjoy the run this year after the winter for sure, especially you noobs to the run, its the most fun you can have on 4 wheels, sometimes 3, LOL!
Yep, I'm sooooooo waiting for some dry roads, even straight flat ones but it will be fun to hit the mountain roads again.
I'm totally in as long as my friend doesn't back out at the last minute. I told her she has to commit at whatever point we send deposits. I'm just not willing to make that loooong drive on my own and my husband can't come along on this one. :(
Wendy, I hope your friend doesn't back out. I know you would still have quite a drive alone before I could join you but at least you wouldn't be going the whole way alone.
Oh, someone didn't get the memo - chicks ain't allowed to back out of this. Please don't make me drag my sister back. She had a great time but I kinda wanna have no passenger on the dragon. I was too protective w/her in there.
Dang RTS! But I have to say I do agree with you. Not many of us so we need to ALL show up! Hehehe.....
Yep, it's all about 'my (such and such) is bigger than yours'. Gotta love that! Losers!!!
Meanwhile, I'm just going for pretty. All functional parts stock and I still expect to have a great time on the twisties. :)
I'm with ya Wendy. Back of pack, looking cute (Berry Girl that is, not me - hehehe).
My gas mileage this winter has been worse than any Dragon run.
I'm in 100% now - unless something major happens to the finances and/or the car between now and then - my wife and I can't wait to spend our 3 year anniversary weekend with you guys! :D :thumbsup:
Wow, your wife is awesome to want to spend your 3 year anniversary weekend wi a bunch of car geeks. :)
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