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Sam's Carbon Fiber Build

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Hey everybody, I finally got around to creating a build thread. Been a member for a while and never really gotten around to doing one till now. I bought it in 2011 with 7 miles on it, so basically brand new.So here we go:

I have been playing around with carbon and selling parts as I go, everything I make for my car is also available for everyone to purchase. I plan to get into SEMA with a full Carbon Fiber CR-Z.

My 2011 PWP Base Cvt

Carbon Fiber parts currently installed/made:
○JDP wing
○BASIS rear window visor
○PASSWORD JDM diffuser modded to fit my dual center exit exhaust
○350Z bumperduct
○JDP CF wing
○Carbon Fiber headlight eyelids

•Rexxstyling 8 pc stealth widebody (waiting to install)
- 4pc stealth widebody over-fenders
- 2pc stealth side diffusers
- stealth front lip
- stealth rear spoiler
•JDM blue emblems
•T1R convex mirrors
•Bayson r front lip/ dipped pearl white for right now
•Window vents
•OEM foglights w/ 3000k HIDs
•YAKIMA Snowboard rack (for snowboard season)
•back of hatch vinyl in black
•King Blue front window visor with "Hybrid Motorsports" cut out
•6000K HID's
•Fenders rolled by DFR stance in Manteca, CA
•blue anodized front tow hook
•blue chameleon headlight wrap

•Blue leather wrapped door panels
•Honda fit shifter
•All blue interior LED's
•2x 12 in subs with 900 watt amp.
•Anodized blue with CF pedals
•5% tint on the back 3 windows
• oil temp/oil press/water temp glowshift gauges

Performance/under the hood:
•Jackson Racing Supercharger kit
•Agressive street tune
•J's racing header
•Remote Start
•Custom Magnaflow center exit exhaust
•Custom 2 1/4 midpipe
•MUGEN anodized blue oil cap
•PASSWORD JDM blue battery tie down

•Airlift v2 management
•D2 Air Struts
•BBS Reps 17x9 +22 all around, wrapped with continental extreme contact 205/45/ZR17
•Ultra Racing front strut bar
•Ultra Racing rear sway bar

Planned Carbon Fiber parts:
○Hood (already made a mold just waiting on some time to infuse the hood)
○Fenders L/R F/R quarterpanels
○F/R Bumpers
○Bayson R side diffusers and modified front lip both will have a mold created and CF replacement
○Interior/Exterior interior trim pieces
○Windshield shroud (below windshield/behind the hood)

Planned mods:
•I will purchase a carbon roof/hatch and doors (as I dont have the space or equipment to make things of that nature as of right now.

Special thanks to Ken (drheem) helped me out a lot with few things!

here is a video of what the z sounds like (sorry for the bad quality)
Edit: i dont know why it doesnt work?

there were a few people on the forum wondering what the diffuser would ook like with a center exit exhaust, so I took the chance and bought it off ken and prayed I wouldnt ruin it

Latest pictures:

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Hmmm, looks like you are a bit behind in your thread, :lol:
Oh well, better late than never!

What window visors did you choose?
And is the exhaust custom, or one of the center-exit ones available for the CR-Z?

Hmmm, looks like you are a bit behind in your thread, :lol:
Oh well, better late than never!

What window visors did you choose?
And is the exhaust custom, or one of the center-exit ones available for the CR-Z?

My girlfriend bought the visors from Carid as a christmas gift, and my exhaust is all custom by my local shop here in sac, my tips are flared and are a little smaller than HPD
That exhaust is great! Really looks cool with the carbon fiber.
Thanks, I was very scared to cut it since it was so nice, but in the end and 3 hours later, after cut and test fit so many times, it came out just as I hoped
Glad to see you here! and yes the diffuser with your exhaust fits and looks really good!
Thanks, yea it took a while but I finally got it, this weekend ill be getting my custom midpipe done so hopefully it will sound amazing lol
Getting my midpipe done right now, cant wait! Its gonna sound amazing :)
Finally got it done, makes a big difference, not so high pitched and raspy anymore, more of a loud deeper tone except at 4000 rpm,,it screams bloody murder
Got my 3000k HIDs in today for my foglights, since the base model didnt have any I figured id put some in, so friday will be a very busy day. I have to replace the lenses on my foglights, put in HIDs and splice them to my headlight, then I have to paint my front lip, and install it before I put the bumper back on because the car is too low to work from beneath it. Then do a little bit of tidying up with the wiring and then im done.
Finally got around to putting the lip on and doing the fog lights, the base model can finally see with 4 eyes lol
Love the dish on those BBS man. Can't wait to see this beast in person. What are the dimensions on that set?
Did you roll the rear fenders and shave the rear tab to get those wheels to fit properly? Because I'm debating if I should get 17x9 +22 or +38 for the rear. I'm trying not roll or modify my fenders. Btw, I'm dropped 2inches in the rear.

Loving the car though. :thumbsup:
If you get 17x9 +22 like me, then you would rub pretty hard without having your fenders rolled, because I rub on dips and bumps still, and having a 2in drop would most likely make the rubbing worse, so you might want to go with +38 if you dont want your fenders rolled and tab shaved.
Hows the scraping? On speedbumps and whatnot.
No the only thing that scrapes on speedbumps are the little rubber flaps under the sideskirt in front on the rear wheels. I get rubbing when driving on cali ****ty roads.
For sure. I had 2 in prints on my previous car and it scraped like a bitch every bump. It sucked.
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