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Rumour: Possibility of a 4 Seater CRZ

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As I was looking through the Honda CRZ pictures this morning I noticed this one below. It clearly shows back seats on the CRZ. However looking at other interior pictures (especially the trunk shot) its easy to see that the seats are no longer there.

Do you think the 4 seat version of the CRZ is a possibility?? Previous pictures are showing the concept model as having four seats even though it was widely known to be a 2 seat sports car.

Maybe Honda has another surprise up their sleeves.

What does everyone think??

You can post your poll responses here: Poll: Possiblity of a 4 Seater Honda CRZ

Thanks to Response.JP via for the above picture.

And another picture of the Concept:
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That concept clearly shows a rear seat - can even see the seat belt. Might explain that mesh/speaker looking grill that we say in that other rear trunk picture from the actually was backseats!

The first picture just doesn't seem to fit into any of the cars pictured (concept or near-prod) so far though.....could it be a fake?
Don't think the second is a fake, but it is sorta outta the blue. Almost like there was 2 CRZ's at the photo shoot, the one with a 4 seat option and one with a 2 seat option, which seems pretty unlikely. I always speculated that there was 4 seats in the concept but no pictures ever really showed it. Guess the one above is enough proof.
Its probably optional..... you can have the 2 seater, or the 2+2 although the back seat will really be better suited to a briefcase than a human body!!!
With any 'sporty' car the backseat will obviously have very limited space. All dependent on how much leg room the driver or passenger wants to give the rear seated occupants :grin: The backseat is always a nice option though, even if it is just to throw some books or bags without having to go through the trunk all the time.
Don't think its been called a roadster?? The original CRX wasn't a roadster was it???
The orginal CRX only had 2 seats, the CRZ will be a 2+2. There are plenty of pictures that show the rear seats and with it being a 95% done concept I would not expect that to change.
The pictures above are clearly from the 2007 concept and I would have thought the more recent pictures of the pre-production unit would have shown the rear seats (if any). So I'm still hoping but my opinion is that this will be a 2 seater unless I missed a recent write-up confirming the rear seats. I've seen articles talking about the 2+2 as well but I'm wondering if they were talking about the concept version.
Yes, there has been multiple articles lately stating 2+2. No official confirmation of the 2 or 4 seater combination though. One can only assume Honda will have both versions available to consumers at this point.
Dumb question time, and here it is:

Why do you they call it 2+2??? Isn't it just a 4 seater, so call it a 4 seater. Don't understand the 2+2 term
It is because the back seats are not fit for normal adults, they are for kids, stuff, or maybe your dog. No sane person wants to ride back there.
:lol: Ahhh I getcha. Thanks for the answer :thumbsup:
Guess the rumour is crushed unless someone can buy the concept
Concept has a nice armrest but the production version??? Where is the armrest??????????
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