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I would love to see Toyota release a competitor, although Toyota did not intend the MR2 to be a CRX competitor in the first place (less interior room in the MR2, mid-engine vs front engine, RWD vs FWD). I feel like the MR2 and MX-5 were more similar in nature, although I guess as the years progressed all 3 (CRX,MX-5,MR2) became regarded as 3 of the best budget track/tunable cars available regardless of their layout differences... So I guess NOW they are considered competitors thanks to the enthusiasts.

I want to see Toyota release the MR2 Hybrid (or some kind of CRZ competitor), AND Honda release a competitor for the FT86 concept car that is being released in the next year or so... How about a revived PRELUDE? That way Honda can go back to having at least 1 RWD car (now that the S2000 is gone, and Prelude should not have been FWD in the first place) that would compete with the Genesis Coupe, Toyota FT86 and Subaru FT86.

FWD 200 HP CRZ Si and RWD 240 HP Prelude Type SH would look great in Honda's lineup!!!
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