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Hi all,

just wanted to show off some pics and mods of my 2010 CR-Z GT.
I bought it three month ago though the list of mods isn't that long yet ;)

Mods so far:
- Eibach Pro-Kit springs
- OZ Alleggerita 7x17 +40 mate blue
- Hankook S1 205/40/17
- Spoon reservoir covers
- Spoon wide angle rear view mirror
- Spoon air filter
- CF vinyl mirrors
- black vinyl rear (the part between the taillights)
- Initial D vinyl on passenger door

Mods planed:
money will tell ;)

And now some pics:

Uploaded with

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Nice Job Ruben... and great pics... Thanks for sharing.... Need to see you in the COTM next month... and look forward to future mods...


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beautiful build yet. gorgeous wheels !

I suggest you go the spoon way to begin with the engine :
exchange air filter, keep the stock airbox, cheap upgrade, no problem with hot air, stock airbox is at least 0.5lb lighter than HSK RSR.

mugen oil threatment (insure you get a genuine sealed bottle)

with a little more money later, the throttle body. (a great upgrade)

maybe later full HKS exhaust mod. (spoon muffler is noisy for long flat roads)

i measured my OZ 17' wheels weight with Conti sport contact 3 tires at 15. kg, however the measurement must be off, becaus i measured the stock 16' wheel at 15.5 kg
(great tire tested on rainy track perfect grip)

it's always useful to have people do a mod first, then not make same mistake.

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Perhaps my balance is off. ;-)
I'd like to go the Spoon way, but it's a bit difficult in Germany because off the TÜV. But the air filter an perhaps the motor rib are already note down. I'm looking at the turbulator too, but that could be another item the TÜV will complain about...
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